Getting Bigger Each Day

In two weeks, H begins his transition from the “First Steps” classroom into the “Young Toddler” classroom at school.  This will be his third room at school as he ages out of each one.  When he moved from Infant into First Steps, the biggest transition was that they had a set naptime and at a certain age they napped on mats.  He actually did very well with that, which was a major surprise.  When he moves into Young Toddler, they will begin to assist in potty training if the kids are interested and they supply snacks at snack time (not really for H because of all of his allergies) so it’s more of a standardized classroom event.  Infant and First Steps also shared teachers and helpers during certain hours, so he won’t see his favorite helper anymore and there will be new to us teachers (omg, I have anxiety just thinking about it) but luckily his BFF is also our favorite babysitter so at least we have that.

This might sound like crazy or over the top, but I’d really like to find a parenting class.  I think that H is a mostly normal kid, but he’s very strong willed and I just don’t want to turn into that parent that deals with insanity on a daily basis and then makes it worse by unknowingly doing stupid things because like how would I know – I’ve only ever been a parent to a guinea pig and a dog and the guinea pig died and the dog was nuts.  It’s like up until recently, we took care of H, and now suddenly that he’s a true toddler we need to parent him too.  When we speak to him, he mostly understands.  When he hits me, he knows that it’s wrong and he does it anyway and laughs.  When he gets frustrated he lashes out by hitting, or throwing his body on the ground or by head butting the floor.  I don’t even know if that’s normal… I just know that it’s not really a good thing to head butt the floor.  So then I Google parenting classes and pretty much the only thing that I could even find was for court mandated classes – am I the only person that fears being a parent??  It made me feel even more stupid.  This is really stressing me out.

Also – the penis itchiness is back with H.  No idea WTF it is.  There’s like nothing there.  We’re at a total loss at what to do about this mystery Something that’s been driving H crazy for months now and it’s absolutely Not exploration, there really is something happening.  Today, I’m trying Triple Paste.  It seems to be helping actually, but is it normal to only get diaper rash like right on a penis?  Google tells me no.  I have tried almost every diaper cream on the market, and almost ever diaper.

Based on my recent diaper research, I can say this:

  • Seventh Generation is too rough in texture.  I felt that they are Ok but not as comfortable for H as others are.  I really liked the wider velcro though.  I used these when he was like a little baby and really liked them then when he was moving around less.
  • Huggies Dry Fit are weird.  I don’t feel they’re really like “Dry” fit, and I don’t like the thinner velcro.  They fit H’s body pretty well though.  I could really take them or leave them.
  • Honest diapers are really nice (and expensive).  They are very soft, and they hold pee just as well as any other diapers I’ve seen. They fit is tough though, probably better for bigger/taller babies or we’re right in the middle of two sizes.  H is really compact, so the back goes up a bit higher than I’d like and the leg openings are slightly bigger than I’d like as well – however, we use them because I feel they are good for his skin and chafe the least.
  • Kirkland (Costco) diapers are still my favorite for H.  They fit his body like a glove, and they absorb just as well as any other diapers and they are relatively cheap.  It annoys me that I actually need to go to the store to buy them because I feel like I am there like every other week buying a box.  We still go through a ton of diapers!

So at the moment I’m using Honest and Kirkland.  On the upside of this adventure, I think that H will be on the easier side to potty train.  When I let him roam around naked, he’s started to give me indication before he pees – but he also tries to touch his pee stream, so like whatever!

Also, just recently in the last two weeks or so I noticed that H is gravitating towards things that I would consider to be for Older toddlers.  He now likes the PBS show, “Caillou”, which is about a boy who’s 4 years old.  I know, WTF kind of name is Caillou?  I don’t know, that alone made me not want to watch it, but it’s actually pretty good.  At school the other day he played hockey, like with a stick, and he was apparently very good at it.  Everyone told me about it for days, how well he did with the coordination and everything.  Today, his crib was lowered to the lowest tier.  The only think keeping him in the crib was that his sleep sack restricts his legs, but it was only a matter of time before we would have heard him hit the hardwood floor some morning.  Also today, we had a 10 minute conversation on the phone.  Like, I was talking and he was “talking” but it was a two-way conversation that went on and on as opposed to him looking at the phone all confused like he would have 5 months ago.  Anyway, time is flying and I have no idea how to handle anything!

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