Awesome Things

I almost freaked out yesterday because H’s diaper rash took a sudden turn for the worst in the evening, but luckily it looks much much better today (phew).  On the downside, Abe totally got H’s hand foot and mouth.  We can’t win.

One of my past times for relaxing is window shopping through the interwebs. Let me share my latest finds because they’re totally worth passing on:

Hape coffee makerThe Hape Coffee Maker.  It looks just like a Keurig!  I wonder if they have one that looks like a Nespresso… no.  I wonder if H will grow up not knowing what a coffee pot looks like.

kids golf cartChild Sized Golf Cart.  Who hasn’t always wanted to have one? I would actually be afraid for my neighbors if we had this, H would totally drive it right into someone’s house.

mini boden tightsMini Boden Girl’s Tights. These are so so cute.  They have other ones too, but I am not sure that H would be Ok with wearing them this fall.  He makes a much better looking boy than a girl.

grocery store A Little Grocery Store. It looks really nice!  Real grocery stores look pretty shabby by comparison.  I think H would be confused, like what should I do here?  He’d need the cart in order to really understand.

big waffle blocksBig Waffle Blocks. Does anyone remember these?  I totally had them.  They were the best.  H totally needs them, but man they are expensive.

pirate sandboPirate Sandbox.  Personally, I’m a huge fan of the green plastic turtle sandbox because it’s just so classic but also because that lid goes on pretty tight and animals can’t live in there and uninvited guests can’t make a home inside only to surprise you later.  However, this is like over the top awesome.  I can see H trying to drive that boat for hours or like 5 minutes which is an hour in toddler time.

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