No Diapers, No Problems

Hand Foot and Mouth + yeast diaper rash / wenis irritation = where normal parenting ends and desperation sets in.

At first, HFM seemed not so bad.  I thought H had a pretty mild case with a very low grade fever (99.0) and a handful of clear but raised little bumps.  This was Wednesday, and he was joyfully chasing me around with a foam pirate sword.  By Saturday, I wanted to fucking kill myself and the jerk who spread it into his school and the jerk that didn’t clean his classroom well enough and the jerk who didn’t tell the other jerks to clean better.  He had big broken sores all over his knees, ankles, feet, butt, hands, and probably something in his mouth but he never really let me look in there.  He was no longer joyfully doing anything – except for swimming in his old infant tub (naked) out on the deck.  I was able to distract him enough from his discomfort during the daytime hours and thankfully it wasn’t a million degrees out there.

photo(42) I’m not sure what was worse – the HFM or the yeast diaper rash because the HFM was affecting the diaper rash.  He basically ran around the house butt naked 90% of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to try and combat the problem.  His problem seems to be mostly that moisture just gets trapped in there too long because he pees NonStop.  Like 8 x per hour would be normal for him.  So his wenis gets irritated too for some reason and that hurts him a lot I guess – there is a lot of screaming.  I followed him around with a towel so each time he peed or Most times he peed I would throw the towel under him to catch it.  Anyhow, it’s Monday and it’s still somewhat bothersome so I don’t know how to fix it – and I especially don’t know how to tell someone else to care for it (daycare providers) and I find that really stressful – the idea that my son has a problem but they won’t be able to treat it the way that he needs.  The answer seems to be: no diapers ever and that’s totally not a real option.

I also don’t know how to hold down a job anymore.  My child is sick more than the average kid.  I take more sick days to care for him than I am even allotted, which really is the more important thing to do.  Nobody has “spoken” to me about it yet, and due to the nature of my job I am not sure that anyone actually will but all of it still weighs on me.  It’s 100% impossible to do my job with a young kid.  – that’s a whole other post.  I’m really thinking about when to throw in the towel at this point, like I’m thinking about dates and I’m trying to imagine my life where a Blackberry isn’t necessary and I am not constantly juggling a crazy schedule.

I took him to the playground today very late in the afternoon because we just had to get out for a bit and I felt he was healed enough to be out in the general public in fresh air while wearing pants.  He went down little kid slides today by himself and tried to go down big kid slides without my help.  There were lots of other families and moms there.  There was a little boy there that picked up a handful of pebbles and just threw them up in the air like an asshole – and another little kid (like no older than 6 years old) yells out: “You really shouldn’t throw rocks, what if someone has to go to the hospital because you threw rocks?  You’re going to have to pay like… $1,000.”  I laughed so hard.  I wonder if his parents work in insurance – he’s so right on with that number.  Later, I was swinging H next to another mom and we were making small talk about the kids.  I said something about just having to get out of the house with him and his age or whatever and she’s like, “oh yes, Henry is 15 months so a little younger than your’s and then my other one is…. well frankly, he’s just so Annoying these days”.  I laughed so hard inside, I only smiled outside.  The kid seemed really well behaved and mild mannered, but H is also like that in public settings – yet another great reason to get out.

My biggest win of the day though – I found a $60 toy organizer for $20 through a town yard sale site.  It’s basically like a local Craigslist thing.  I found it online and then had it in my possession less than an hour later, and it is in perfect condition – you can tell it belonged to a girl.  It’s not super attractive but I hate to spend money on stupid stuff like that and it serves its purpose well – toys are off the floor and somewhat organized and we didn’t have to assemble the stupid thing.

photo(43)It’s only Monday… everyone try to make it through the rest of the week without a call to the pediatrician.

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