The Longest Day

Yesterday was a Very long day.  I had put H down the night before with a very slight fever, and figured it was probably nothing.  I woke up around 5am and got ready anticipating H waking around 6am (Abe wasn’t here), but he slept and slept until after 7:30am.  It’s so out of character for him to do that, especially sleeping late two days in a row.  Finally, I was getting him ready for school and when I was changing his diaper – things didn’t look quite right and thought that maybe was the reason for the slight fever if things were getting infected or irritated or whatever, so I decided to keep him home and wait until 8:30am when the nurseline opened at his pediatrician’s office.

As I was waiting for 8:30 to roll around, I started to notice some bumps on his body. It was totally hand foot and mouth.  His classroom has a notice on the door about it like every few weeks about having another kid diagnosed with it.  I had thought we were pretty lucky so far for never getting it when H usually gets every little cold or runny nose going around.

I brought him into the doctor and I was there for the diaper rash issue, but I was happy to kill two birds with one stone.  The diaper rash is yeast – which totally explains why it’s been going on for such a mother effing long time.  Like probably 3 months, and I’d seriously been losing my mind over diaper brands/wipes/needing to try this or that or whatever – but it was just freaking yeast.  After the first application of the script, it looked much worse but he stopped itching it like a mad man, so it’s working.  She also confirmed the hand foot and mouth.

After the appointment it was just the two of us… I couldn’t take him to go do something fun since he is contagious, but he was obviously feeling totally fine.  Keeping him entertained in the house was beyond draining – and it was 92 degrees outside so we were just trapped.  Admittedly, things got pretty weird and at one point I just let him do whatever he wanted to because I was so so tired (also this is why the house is always a dump – I totally didn’t pick up after this).

H in laundry basket H with pirate swordSo it got me thinking – why was it so hard?  How do people do this with more than 1 of these crazy kids like every single day?  Is it because my child is insane – or is it because I’m tired and distracted all of the time or could I be planning activities better for him?  Maybe it’s just his age?  Should I just buy a parenting book and get over it already?

Anyhow, he went to bed and then was up at 3am – for the rest of the day.  Argh.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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