So He Slept In

6:55am in my house Right Now: H is still sleeping and Mom is enjoying a coffee.

I’ve been up since 4am preparing everything for our day so I wouldn’t have to deal with a frustrated toddler while trying to put on makeup and pack lunches.  Like I took a shower, dried my hair (I never have time to dry my hair), put on makeup, made a hot lunch for H, drank a coffee, cleaned up the kitchen, got his morning milk ready… and he’s still sleeping (and he slept through the night!)


photo(16) photo(15)I totally have nothing important to say at this hour so here goes a flood of random stuff on the top of my brain:

  • My Google search of the week is “Patrick Swayze Wig” – super random, but we do own one of those.
  • Why is it that my 22 lb. toddler fits into a size 5 diaper when he’s in the size 4 weight category?  Like by a lot.  He’s only in the 30th percentile, but is it because his belly is massive or because he goes to the bathroom more than any human ever created?  I tried a size 4 on him again yesterday in another brand just to see if it was a brand thing or like a real thing, but it’s real.  It was obviously too tight on him.
  • I love love the Ole Henrickson Power Peel from Sephora (sorry can’t get the link to insert).  I bought a $16 two pack of it, and it’s very good.  From the chemical peels that I’ve received at my dermatologist office (a couple years ago), I can say that this is probably the closest at-home peel that I’ve used so it’s well worth the money.  I leave on the real treatment part a little longer than it says to.
  • I’m currently looking for a nice looking wooden play kitchen for H.  I’m trying to either buy used or on sale.  I just hate to spend real money on this sort of thing but I also don’t want it to be the biggest eyesore ever.

    It’s 7:04am… It’s past time to wake the beast / the sleeping angel – depending on his mood today!

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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