Suck City

This was a very strange weekend.

Saturday, we took H to the beach even knowing that it wasn’t going to be the most beautiful day of the weekend.  We pull up and the gate says “green heads in season, no refunds”.  It didn’t matter since we have a season pass, but I was like: wow, warning noted.  I think because it wasn’t too hot or too humid the bugs weren’t out, but the seagulls sure were.

A really aggressive seagull swooped down into our beach stuff, and stole an unopened bag of Popcorners and then flew away with our neighbors chasing it.  We saw it from a distance.  It was pretty hilarious to see a bird flying away with H’s fun gluten free snack for the day in it’s shiny bag.  I was thinking that stupid bird wouldn’t be able to open the bag anyhow – but then like an hour later we saw a gull eat a crab whole, so I guess it would have found a way.  We left with bird turd on our Sportbrella too – gah!

We had a solid 5 awesome nights of H sleeping this week, like he slept until around 6:30 each morning.  Saturday night that exploded all over our faces.  He’s getting 3 molars at once.  The top ones seem really slow, but there is a bottom one that came in super fast and really looks pretty awful.  Anyhow, we’re assuming that’s the reason he woke up at 9:45 then 11:30 then 1:30 and stayed up until close to 4.  He was screaming and sobbing, and in obvious discomfort but it was so hard to get him back to sleep.  I can’t physically rock him back to sleep and then drop back into his crib asleep anymore now that he’s heavier and longer.  It’s a serious balancing act, and totally impossible.  Abe has better luck than I do.  So thankfully, he eventually did get him back down after more drugs and milk and soothing.

The little man was back up like an hour later, so I took him downstairs and gave him milk and hoped he’d fall back asleep to Daniel Tiger – he did.  My jam is getting him back to sleep and then bringing him into the guest bed where I can gently lay him next to me and he will sleep soundly without waking.  I was about to fall back to sleep myself and the freaking doorbell rang at 6am… and I ignored it.  I thought that maybe we had some kind of appointment that we forgot about like cable service or something, and then the person would Not Stop Knocking.  Like, at this point I was fearing that H would wake up and I was about to open the window and scream out to the person to go away!  I peeled myself out from under the sleeping child and saw that it was a police car – so I booked it downstairs (braless and with birds nest hair) and opened the door.  It turns out that during the night someone (or teens is my guess) switched everyone’s mailboxes on the street – our’s was gone and across the street at a different house.  So the police officer is telling me about all this and I’m like: my kid is sleeping upstairs, please don’t wake him up (whispering desperately)… but he only had 1 volume of voice I guess.  Then Abe scurries down the stairs being like WHO IS THAT?! And the whole conversation happened again.  Somehow H slept through that, but OMG, I would have killed someone if he woke up.  We got our mailbox back btw.  Idiot kids.

Later, H somehow got really bad chaffing from his diaper.  I’m not sure which one because he wore 3 different kinds today (Huggies overnight, Seventh Generation, and Honest), but it was like a demon took over his body.  Total Toddler Meltdown x 10.  We gave him painkillers thinking it was maybe the teething, and tried every single thing under the sun for the chaffing – like every lube and ointment known to man including no diaper.  He was just screaming in agony.  I’m not sure what worked, but it was probably the Benedryl and thick layer of Aquaphor.  It knocked him out for 2 hours for a refreshing nap.  He woke up much happier and the chaffing looked much better after some time to heal without him touching it.

It actually gets worse – a few hours later he pooped on the rug.  Then he peed through his lobster high chair.  He like way overfilled a diaper (in a super short period of time), and I was on the ground cleaning up his dropped noodles when a stream of liquid came sprinkling down.  It was pee.  I knew right away.  I think he’s made up of 90% pee.  Later, I let him run around without a diaper again (on the deck outside) and he peed 8 times in less than an hour.  That’s not normal right?

That was not a very nice weekend.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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One Response to Suck City

  1. Bluebulli says:

    Holy ‘crap’. That is an insane weekend. You deserve a drink and a spa day!

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