The Poop

H pooped on the floor today. I was like: hm that’s new. Right before his bath, I took off his diaper next to the tub like I always do and I’m like rolling it up and suddenly I heard something hit the ground. But I’m like: good, better to get it out before the tub. I got over it.

He gets in the tub and I have him all scrubbed down, but I haven’t plugged the drain yet. Suddenly, we have a real code Brown and it’s the first one in a very long time. Like, I had to quickly grab it and it was human sized and my hand touched it (nightmares forever). Omg, then he tried to touch it. So I flush the poop and pick him up and put him on the ground. He’s just standing there soaking wet, like wtf? And he wants to get back in of course! So then I scrub down the tub with soap, rinse everything, drain, soap, rinse again, rinse him, soap him, rinse him and throw him back in there. I somehow solved it without screaming or tears from either of us – inside I was feeling a bit differently about it all.

Everything will be bleached tonight, including my soul.

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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One Response to The Poop

  1. Bluebulli says:

    Omg. My worst nightmare happened to you!

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