Vacation – or was it?

It’s been so long since I’ve posted that I apparently don’t know how to use the new WordPress.  There was a lot of text with the photo below but it didn’t publish and that annoys me to no end!

We went to the Cape for vacation with H – it was horrible, he was horrible, and the end result is: NEVER AGAIN.  We came home a few days early.

We rented a house with another family, who also had a child (7 months).  The house was a total toddler danger zone.  99% of the time H was running around doing something or being around something unsafe.  I mean the entire back yard was a rock patio with ledges.  The first hour we were there he fell right off a ledge face first into a pile of mulch – luckily it was a soft landing.  The house also came with a chicken coop, and H wanted nothing more than to stick his fingers through the fencing (gross).  It was hot there too (with no AC), and H ended up with a terrible diaper rash from all his sweating.  It really put him in a mood.

We were so physically exhausted from chasing him around, plus super early wakeups, that we just couldn’t take it anymore.  I got up at 5am and walked him around town (I got way too much unwelcome exercise) and took him to the playground until 7am each morning so the rest of the house could sleep – I had frequent visits to the coffee shop.  That coffee was really awesome though, Thank God for it.  We would be dead without it.  Some days we went 2-3 times!

He’s been easier since we’ve been home but still an overall handful.  He has a molar coming in, and the level of his frustration and crabbiness is at an all time high.  Also, Thank God for babysitters and local grandparents and kiddie sprinklers.

Mom and dad may have suffered through days of Hell, but I think H had a pretty good time.  He really enjoyed the beach time and the pool time.  We took him swimming quite a bit, and by the end he was jumping off the side and thinking he could swim on his own.  He got really independent at the playground, which was a little bit more than I thought he could handle.  He was very comfortable at the beach and in the ocean – too comfy really.  He kept trying to go deeper than he should.  I think he would rate the vacation a 7 out of 10.  We would rate it a 1 out of 10!  And we thought last year was tough when we rented a house on the Cape when he was 7 months old (by ourselves), I think this was worse.

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