Shit Storm

We’ve had a really difficult month over here, so I’ve been pretty absent from most things and places including my blog!  It seems like things are slowly getting back to normal, but it’s been a challenge to regulate our systems.

Our dog bit H in the face a few weeks ago, which led to multiple doctors appointments on his end (he will be OK).  She was evicted from the house immediately, and is staying at her doggie daycare – which I think she prefers, so she probably thinks she’s on a nice vacation.  We didn’t really understand the system and what it meant for a dog bite, but it means your dog will be quarantined for 10 days and at the end of that a vet needs to evaluate for rabies in case it’s a public health issue or whatever.  That is what is means in Massachusetts, it means other things in other places.  We didn’t find that information out right away, so we began to try to find her a new home through rescue groups mainly.  She was turned down by all of them due to their insurance not allowing for a dog that bit a child, and even the rescue that she came from wouldn’t take her back.  She was scheduled to be put down, but at the last minute we cancelled the appointment with another lead stemming from her daycare.  A couple days later that lead fell through. I went to see her and say my very teary goodbyes, and at the end of it, I realized that I’m just a person to her… I’m not Her person, and she always liked me more than anyone else in this house.  She totally wasn’t all that excited to see me, she didn’t really care that I was there.  She just isn’t that kind of dog, the kind that feels attached to their owners.  Anyhow, I was there when the owner of the daycare was there and she must have felt really badly that I was a mess, so I got an email saying that she was able to find Mia a foster home a few weeks out – the only catch being that 1 particular local rescue that the foster parent volunteers at would need to take her on, the second catch being that the foster parent is a college student so her parents need to meet Mia and give the Ok. I don’t really have high hopes at this point because I don’t see this group willing to take her based on the situation (we had reached out to them two months ago and got no response prior to the bite), and I’m not sure the parents will want to take Mia in!  I’ve gone through a whole series of emotions, more than I ever knew I had in me, and I’ve really accepted the fact that if we need to put Mia down this weekend that I will be able to get through it and even though it’s really sad and awful, we tried our very best and she never really liked us anyway but we gave her a good home and a good life.

I feel really traumatized from this event, more so than H.  He was looking for the dog the next day.  We even have a fox living in our yard that H points at or looks for saying DOG!  I think he’s still too young to be afraid or anything like that.  I feel like we failed our dog, we were bad dog owners because we weren’t able to give her the training and the constant exercise and attention that she needed, and we are the reason that this happened.  She’s not a bad dog, sure she has lots of baggage from wherever she came from but in the right home she would have been totally fine.  Or what we should have done was send her back to TN after a couple weeks when we realized that this dog was nothing like the one that we had the impression we’d be getting so she just wasn’t a good fit here.  They assured us that she loved kids, and that was never the case from day 1.  So that is really what haunts me now, but I can get past it at some point.

I think that rescuing animals is a wonderful thing, but honestly, I don’t think that I can do it again.  We will have another dog maybe 7 years down the road, but the only way I can even imagine doing it is through a reputable breeder or getting a puppy at a very young age before anything crazy can set in and then my kid will be bigger than the dog for a bit.  Also, we’d only get a dog if someone was home more often to keep behavior in check.  We’re just so crazy busy right now that even a fish might not work for us.

So anyhow, that’s the really shitty part of what is going on over here these days.  The other more moderate shitty part, by comparison, is H’s sleep.  In the 6-7 weeks, he has only slept through the night twice.  TWICE!!  For him that means that I put him down at 8 and usually he will put himself right to sleep but then will wake up at some point during the night – sometimes around midnight, other times around 2 or 3 or 4am.  At which point he will scream until someone comes to get him.  We tried crying it out, it didn’t work, so now one of us just goes in there and calms him down and then takes him into the guest room and sleeps with him in there.  He will actually sleep pretty well in there, it’s just not ideal.


I don’t know… I’ve done google research and spoken to his doctor and there are different schools of thought around this one.  The avenue that we chose was to just to ride out this phase by making it easier on ourselves (at least we can lay down and try and get some sleep) and easier on him (he gets so worked up by screaming he hyperventilates).  We Might survive.

So now that I’ve scared everyone away from having dogs and kids, let’s talk about some good things.  Abe has introduced me to the triple shot latte.  From Starbucks, I get a: grande triple shot soy vanilla latte.  It costs like over $5 but it really perks me up and is really delicious.  F that stupid Oprah Chai thing.  The ads with her and her stupid tea annoy the crap out of me every time I see it (which is far too often).  Nobody is That excited about tea.

Abe and I went to a Red Sox game last weekend, which was great to A. get out of the house, and B. drink a beer and eat a hot dog.  We got the boys matching Red Sox hoodies, it’s the cutest thing.  H’s barely zips over his belly, but it’s still the best.

Here’s to hoping for more Good things around here!

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