Time To Get Healthy and Stop The Madness

For a long time, I’ve been feeling like shit and I’m finally ready to try and change that.  Abe has been traveling over the past 9 days, and during his time away my diet has dramatically changed as well.


Here is a previous day of eating:
Breakfast: a Nature Valley Protein granola bar, coffee with milk and sugar.  2 more coffees with milk and sugar through the morning at work…eek
Lunch: nothing, maybe a cup or two of water.  Occassionally, I have time to grab a garden salad.
After work snack: chips or whatever I could shove in my mouth in 3 seconds while H ate his dinner.  Sometimes Swedish Fish, sometimes a handful of M&Ms, sometimes chips and salsa. Never anything healthy.
Dinner: white rice (a heaping pile) with chicken and a vegetable, or spaghetti with meatballs, or a roast, or meatloaf and rice pilaf.  Always lots of rice or noodles.

There is a lot wrong there, but it’s not like devestatingly bad.  The weekends are much worse, I can assure you. I depend on pre-packaged or fast foods a great deal!  The bottom line is that it’s just not working for me.  I’m not getting the nutrients that I need.  The calorie intake is probably fine, maybe even low on most days, but the ratio of good to bad within those calories is mostly bad.

Here is my Shiny and New day of eating (in the past 9 days):
Breakfast: coffee with less milk and less sugar (only 2 instead of 3), banana, 2% plain Greek yogurt, or a green smoothie (greek yogurt, banana, frozen berries, spinach or kale)
Lunch: leftovers – slow cooked chicken with pototos, carrots, garlic, and green beans in low sodium chicken broth, water.
Dinner: chicken and vegetables, or a big salad and chicken with quinoa and seeds sprinkled on top. Lots of water. Before bed, I now take a multivitamin too.

I’m trying to slowly move towards a Paleo diet, or mostly Paleo for a while.  Probably not forever, but for long enough that I get myself feeling pretty good on most days.  I’ve been reading Practical Paleo, which has been really useful… and practical.  It would also been really helpful for me to be able to prepare meals that H can eat too, and under the Paleo umbrella, he will be able to consume most dinners that I will make (he may not like them all but most are safe – being wheat, gluten, soy, and dairy free).  I also like that Paleo urges you to buy the highest quality meats and vegetables available to you – and this will certainly up our grocery bill, but I think it’s worth it and I’m happy to cut corners somewhere else.

We’ll see where this goes.  Week 1 has been a transition week, I’ll check back in next week to see how I’m feeling.

Mood: good
Skin: bad (acne), but showing signs of improvement
Energy Level: Decent, 7 out of 10
Overall: 7 out of 10.  Feeling a little run down, but far less bloated than usual.  Digestion seems improved.
Hoping for next week: more energy, better sleep, more positive body image, and feeling all around Good.





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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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