Isolation and Doggie Manners

We had a pretty good day today in our household.  We went to a diner with friends this morning, like we actually got it together and got everyone out the door for breakfast without any incidents.  The diner was perfect for H and it was super cute with great food.  H is super squirmy right now, and having him behave or sit in a seat at a restaurant is close to impossible but he hung in there today – thankfully.  It was so nice to do something normal as a family – we are usually trapped in a house with a crazy baby doing chores and it can feel really isolating.

We took care of chores and snacks and naps after, and we made it through the day pretty smoothly.  I got a nap, baby got a couple naps, and dad got a nap.  I’m pretty sure the dog slept the entire day (she’s still here living with us, because it turns out that nobody wants her!  But she is behaving so that’s good at least.).

Let’s talk about this feeling of isolation for a moment…  I’m wondering if this is just us or if this is something that all parents go through.  Our baby is High Needs in the words of Dr. Sears.  He’s a very difficult and challenging kid most of the time, plus he’s a crazy little boy who needs 110% of your attention and he has lots of food allergies so we can’t just like feed him anything anywhere.  He does best when we keep him in his routine – breakfast by 7, snack at 9, morning nap, lunch at 12, afternoon nap, snack at 3, dinner at 6, tubby right after dinner, asleep at 7:30.  His routine is the same at daycare.  So as you can see, his routine limits our day.  I try to work around it, and it’s possible to squeeze in a play date or whatever, but we pay for the break in his routine somehow – either the night’s sleep won’t be very good or the next day he’ll be extra tired and crabby.  We have friends with young kids, and some of them will just take them anywhere and just do whatever and have no issues at all because those babies are Easy Peasy.  Other friends are total sticklers, and Refuse to leave the house from 1pm-3pm because that is afternoon nap and nobody messes with that.  We are kind of in the middle.  I will just try to time things around the naps so H can go in the car to sleep, that’s fine, but it can’t be for 15 minutes it’s got to be a longer errand or something.

So anyhow, is this normal?  Is this just what it’s like?  I’m glad that we found a great babysitter, so now we can take an afternoon here and there.  I’m thinking that we will probably have her over every other weekend for our own sanity.  I just don’t know how people keep up with their kids at this age, or how they keep up with their kids until they’re like 10 years old.  It’s just so exhausting.  We were tired people to begin with, like I used to take long weekend naps well before I had a baby!

I’m sure that some people are wondering about the dog. We decided to re-home her for the safety of H and the happiness of Mia. We asked her daycare staff and her dog walker buddy and so far there have been no leads. While she has been here, I think that she is actually improving which is better than the situation getting worse of course . Some days she just keeps to herself, but other days she doesn’t seem to mind H. Today she actually hung out with us a lot and was really close to H in proximity like two feet away vs the usual 10 feet. She even let him pet her supervised at least 10 times (once even on the face). She was having an extra tolerant day, and I wouldn’t expect that to become her normal behavior or anything. I’m just glad that everyone is getting along, and that’s all I can hope for right now.




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