Walking Baby!

One day after Mommy Bear’s birthday, the Little Bear took his very first steps!  We were thinking that he was close to it, but it didn’t seem like it was going to happen so suddenly.  H was really good at standing, but really showed no interest in trying to move or anything.  Then last night, we were playing in the family room on the floor and he stood up and took 3 big steps to me – out of nowhere.  I thought that maybe he was more falling into me, so I didn’t get too excited.  Around 30 minutes later he did it again, but this time took a solid 7-8 steps that were very real.  I called Abe right away to tell him about it… but someone else answered his work phone, it was weird.  So he didn’t really get to experience and celebrate the way that I did.  This moment was one of my biggest fears as a working mom that I would miss it, so I’m really beyond thrilled that I got to catch this one.  I missed the first time he crawled (he did it at daycare).  H is only sort of walking today, but he’s cruising way more than he was a few days ago even.  It seems that he’s finally figuring it all out and becoming more confident.

Another new challenge that I’m facing is that I would like to transition H from a sippy cup to a straw sippy cup.  This is SO hard.  I tried for like 20 minutes today to try and get him to suck from the straw, by using a regular straw and like training him or whatever but he just kept biting it. The reason I want to change is so 1. he can drink smoothies easier (we’re working on smoothies now that I’ve seen a nutritionist for him) and 2. to help with his speech development.  Straw cups apparently work a lot more mouth muscles and whatever so they actually help in that department…. and they hold more fluid, so a bigger smoothie! But anyhow, it’s really difficult to switch him over.  Tomorrow is a new day, I’ll try again.

Also happening these days is that he has learned to climb.  I caught him stepping on his pirate treasure chest trying to crawl onto the coffee table so he could then get onto the tv stand.  Last night, he tried to crawl out of the tub.  My dad said that he actually moves things around their house so he can step onto them in order to get onto the couch!  He REALLY loves trouble.

Now that H is 1 year old, I’ll do a brief update on his food allergies.  He’s seeing an Allergist and a nutritionist, which I would recommend to anyone else in this child food allergy situation.  We haven’t had any allergic reactions since we recognized the problem back in September with 2 ER visits.  We know what he is allergic to due to blood work, and so we avoid all of those foods: milk, soy, wheat, tree nuts, peanuts, barley, peas, and eggs.  Now that he’s 1 year old, he’s eating all solid foods (no more purees or baby food) and is transitioning off his bottle but still drinks Nutramigen formula a few times per day.  Rice milk is often mixed in with his formula if it’s in a sippy cup because that’s really the only milk alternative option that he has.  His doctors say that he is really thriving and most other kids with food allergies would love to have the same growth chart that he does.  He’s small, but he’s been consistently growing.  I struggle with meals for him, but it’s getting better.  It’s really a combination of having limited options, H being picky most days, and me wanting him to eat as much as he can so he doesn’t wake up hungry at night (that’s the worst).   Hopefully things continue to go well in this area and maybe one day he can participate in making English Muffin Pizzas at school…

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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