Christmas Quickly Came and Went

Christmas was really fun this year as parents.  Our own gifts were way scaled back, and our entire focus was on baby H.  At 11 months old, he really doesn’t need many gifts so I just got him a handful of small toys: a dump truck, a school bus, a piggy bank, blocks, a bath toy, and a tunnel.  His big gift is a play house/cottage thing that will go in his play room in the basement.  We haven’t exactly put it together yet, but we will someday soon!  I once heard from someone that you shouldn’t let your child have access to all of their toys all of the time, it’s better to keep some hidden away so they seem fun and fresh again.  I only sort of practice this, but I believe in it!  It also give me an excuse as to why the play house isn’t assembled  yet…


He wore this fancy bow tie on Christmas Eve care of Bluebulli – it’s actually two onesies: a white one underneath, and then the striped one on top, and the bow tie snaps on.  It’s so effing cute and as you can see H loved wearing it.  We just went to my cousin’s house which is local, so the whole night was easy breezy.  H was on his very best behavior and latest way later than I could have imagined.  There were so many new and interesting things to look at and attack.


Christmas morning began bright and early.  I didn’t even bother to wrap his gifts, and instead I took everything out of the packaging to make sure it was Play-Ready.  He was most interested in the wrapping paper and stuff from the adult gifts.  His attention span is like 1 second, so 5 minutes into Christmas morning he was totally over it.  The most captivating toy seems to be the  cardboard block set by Melissa and Doug that I picked up at Marshalls.  He will knock down block towers for hours on end!


Christmas Day was spent at my parents house where we all stuffed ourselves stupid with prime rib – H had chicken and green beans, and he actually drank like a lot of water out of his sippy cup.  Later he peed through his diaper to remind me how much liquid he consumed.  At my parents house he got a bowling set, a caterpillar tunnel, a big stuffed dog, and a growth chart.  It’s crazy how much people enjoy buying gifts for kids.  


This Christmas vacation has been super busy and has taken every ounce of patience out of my body, but it was still nice to be home with everyone.  The dog even seems to enjoy the company (that crazy bag of fleas).  I could totally live without the nasty cold that took over my body, but otherwise it feels great to not have to sit in the car for long commutes.  I’m sure that Abe could live without his visit to the ER with a knee issue as well.  

I’m looking forward to enjoying 5 more days out of the office, but on crazy baby duty.   

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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