Moving On Up

I think that we may have finally made it through the storm.  The last month with baby H was so so hard, there are really no words for how effing hard it was.  He continues to have separation anxiety, but we’re all getting more sleep all of a sudden.  I’m not really sure what changed, but he’s a happier camper and we are too.  Cheers.

Our little man left the nursery at his school on Monday and moved up to the First Steps room with slightly bigger kids.  He had been slowly transitioning for the past couple of weeks, and doing very well.  He prefers playing with kids a little older than with the kids who are a little younger.  He will go outside and play 2 x per day (all bundled) when it’s not too cold, and he’ll sit in a tiny chair for his meal times.  A Tiny Chair!!  I feel like he’s still such a little baby, but then when I see things like that, it just blows my effing mind.  He’s big enough to wear winter boots and eat bread – I found an allergen friendly bread for him to eat!  He waves at people!  He says “Hi”.  He bites me.  What a crazy little human.

Also it turns out that at 10 months, H should be eating way more foods and starting to move from a bottle to a sippy cup.  Again – Mind Blown.  I kind of stopped keeping up with the books and stuff on what I should be doing because Life happened, and who has time for that?!  I figured that things would just come along naturally.  Also, because of his food allergies, it feels like a full time job finding him foods that are Ok for him to eat.  I spent a bunch of time researching the other day and was able to come up with a brown rice bread and corn pasta.  There is also a rice pasta, but apparently the corn tastes better.  So far, H enjoys the bread – it’s probably still a fun novelty because it sort of tastes awful to me.  I also was able to find a “buttery spread” that isn’t butter.  It’s soy and dairy free, so it’s basically a fake margarine.  I don’t know how adults with this many food allergies survive.  H is lucky that he doesn’t know what he’s missing out on.  I bet Ruben could tell him all about it.


Baby H brings me so much joy these days, he’s so fun and funny.  He loves to get into trouble though, and is somewhat of a maniac – but it keeps things interesting.  Yesterday he grabbed the dog’s tail.  She wasn’t pleased!  Some days it seems like they’re getting more acquainted and then other days it seems like they just happen to live in the same house the dog avoids H like the plague.  Her new “safe” places are under my desk if I’m sitting there to protect her or under the dining room table.  It sounds sad, but it’s really not that bad.  When she’s not hiding, she’s laying on her big couch – her own big couch.  I’m not sure all dogs get their own furniture!  She can cry me a river.

Other things H likes: eating the power cord on Abe’s computer, going up and down the stairs, unrolling the toilet paper, trying to stick his arm into the toilet, sitting right where the dog food is supposed to eat her food, chasing the dog, playing hide n seek with us, throwing things, and dancing to his favorite tunes (Caspar Babypants).  He keeps very busy for such a little guy.  He’s not even that little anymore really – he sized up from an infant car seat to a convertible seat (for ages 1 year to 3 years).  I had no idea what this thing was until he needed one but he’s a lot happier now when in the seat, I guess he was pretty squished in that infant seat and he’s a small kid so I can’t imagine how a pudgier baby would feel.

We are quickly approaching his 1 year birthday, I don’t even know where all the time has gone. 

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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