For Christmas We Want Sleep!

I haven’t slept in 4 weeks. 4 effing weeks. We went from baby H having a stubborn cold, to a cough, to a stubborn stomach bug, to a skin infection, to a new tooth, to a bad reaction to the antibiotic prescribed. I would like to say that we are handling this gracefully the way good parents do, you know those people who take things in stride and just “roll with it” or whatever. We are the opposites of that. It’s like we sit there are just say, “wtf!?” And google symptoms and/or remedies to issues while alternating between freaking out and accidentally nodding off. We really can’t even function like human beings anymore. I’m wondering if I’m going to get fired based on the crazy amount of time I’ve had to take off to bring H to the doctor. I feel like people roll their eyes when I say that H has to go back to the doctor again for this or that. I feel supported but at the same time not. This is not me being an over protective parent, these are real diagnoses, H just has an unusual amount of them: reflux, digestive discomfort, colic, cradle cap, flat head, allergies to everything, infection, colds, stomach bugs, teething, life.

This was awesome though.


About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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