Post Turkey Day Random Update

Thanksgiving around here was great.  Abe made it back from a work trip just in time, and having time off from work felt nice… except that little H was insane the whole time.  He had a cold with a cough (mostly gone now), had a stomach bug (still has a questionable stomach bug), and was and continues to be super extra clingy, and is only sleeping until 4:30am every morning.  It’s so so painful… 4:30am for many days in a row.  He’s teething, but I don’t think that’s the problem.  How can I get him to sleep in longer?  He goes through phases, and so at one point he would sleep until 6:00am every morning.  Even two weeks ago, he was sleeping until 5:30ish or so.  I really can’t handle the 4/4:30am wakeup call.  We try to ignore him, but it’s really hard to sleep through a screaming baby.  Any suggestions?  I read somewhere that putting kids to bed earlier actually may get them to sleep longer.  Right now he goes to bed at 7:30pm so I am going to try a little before 7:15pm tonight just to see if there is any difference.  But really, help me!  Save Me from the madness!

My dog is also still crazy – today she ran away, that stupid Ho.  She spent 10 minutes attacking one of the big bushes in the yard because there is a birds nest or Something there that she had to destroy, and then she made her way into our woods.  Woods with very thick and thorny brush.  I chased her through the prickly woods yelling her name for another 10 minutes until she stopped running in order to dig a hole in the ground.  Thank God for that hibernating rodent or whatever, because it was the only way I would have been able to catch her.  Then I had to drag her back to the house kicking and screaming.  WTF is wrong with everyone?!  Later, I pulled a sharp thorn out of her neck while she laid on the couch with me watching me eat dinner.

They two of them (dog and baby) are about to get their minds blown with the Christmas tree that will be entering the house this week.  Last year we got a 7 foot tree and decided it was too small.  This year, it’s go big or go home… if we can find a better tree stand.  We’re not going to mess around here.  H needs to know that Christmas trees are meant to be big and awesome.  Also, he is about to meet Santa for the very first time.  It’s going to be one of those pictures where the kid is hysterical with fear: a total keeper.  I can’t even leave him at daycare with people that he knows without him freaking out these days.

Anyhow, everything around here is super disorganized and scattered – just like this blog!  I really need to find a gift guide for 1 year olds, and also a way to magically become an organized and calm person over night.  Weee.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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