Baby Kisses

Breaking News!  This week baby H kissed me twice – On The Mouth.  I seriously died.  It’s one of my favorite life moments, and I actually don’t have too many favorite life moments (that’s probably kind of sad).  I was laying on the ground on my stomach, so I was baby height and he crawled right over to me and planted one right on my mouth and a few minutes later he did it again.  I was told that he was doing this at daycare to the other babies, but he hadn’t done it at home yet.  The day finally came, and it was just the best thing ever.  I think that I actually melted. 

ImageLife is hectic around here!  Baby H is growing so fast, his allergies keep piling up (we just added barley, eggs, and dogs…. yes dogs), and his teeth keep coming in (we’re on #3, but I think I see #4).  His favorite things to do these days are: spinning around on his butt and waving his hands in the air, standing up and moving from holding onto one object onto another, and laughing… and also waking up at 4am.  I am so effing tired.  I’m not sure why, but at the moment he just can’t sleep till 5 or 6 like a normal baby.  I don’t go in there or anything, but his loud yells can be heard all over the house.  I’m pretty sure they’re baby for, “Hey!  Hey!  Come get me! Hey!!”  It’s So so loud and painful to the soul at that god forsaken hour. 

My sanity is just about gone these days.  I left a VM for someone and I was like: please give me a call back at xxx-xxx-xxxx, and then a couple hours later I get a hold of him and he’s like: that number that you gave me kept going to a VM for someone named Abe.  I was like: OMFG!!!  I gave him my husband’s mobile number.  Brain Dead.  There’s just nothing else to say about that.  What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve done lately?  I bet I beat you.

Tomorrow, one of our neighbors is coming over to watch baby H and Mia so that Mom can get some stuff done around the house.  She’s usually our dog walker, so I know that the dog will be cool with her being around and if she needs me for help with H I will be available.  I like the idea of an extra set of hands for a couple hours on a Sunday so that I can do things like mop the floor and put all of our stuff away and make batches of baby food.  I have a chair in our bedroom that has at least 4 weeks of clothing piled on it that needs to be sorted and put away or washed.  I know how horrible that is.  I just never get the chance to tackle anything but the bare necessities, and hopefully this will help – I have high hopes. My sanity needs some relief!

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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One Response to Baby Kisses

  1. nkirker says:

    oh my god. even i want a baby kiss.

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