That Crazy Nose Sucking Device



What the effing eff?  This is the weirdest shit that I’ve ever done.  I’m sucking baby H’s snots out of his nose with a little device called a Nose Frieda.  It sort of looks like I’m sucking his brains out through his nose.  Baby has had maybe 6-8 colds since he started daycare back in April.  I’ve tried just wiping his nose, the big sucking bulb that the hospital gave us, Boogie Wipes, etc.  But the Nose Frieda is by far the most effective of the bunch.  I do really like Boogie Wipes too, they are just saline wipes, and they keep those nose from getting irritated from all the wiping.

The Nose Frieda works by me literally sucking out his snots through a straw and having it collect in a little clear tube so you can see it working, and there is a little filter so that nothing can transfer from him to me.  Abe dry heaved like 4 times when I did this for the first time in front of him.  The baby didn’t enjoy it very much either!  I’m pretty sure he thought I was torturing him.  He also hates the bulb, tissues, Boogie Wipes, and pretty much anything that tries to help him.  Everything annoys little H, so he’s not really a good measurement of how invasive it is.  I hear from other people that their kids don’t mind it at all.

So here we are, a household filled with more germs and drained bodies.  I just fully recovered a week ago from the second worst cold that I’ve ever had thanks to daycare.  Abe is still recovering… and now this.  Hopefully we can skip this one!  I can’t even handle another cold like the last one.  Although, because of it we have a medicine cabinet stocked full of drugs.

I love H’s daycare!  The people there are so great, they have activities and arts and crafts, it’s a school so they have lesson plans even in the nursery, and the building is probably nicer than my house.  I don’t love the germs that he brings home from it!  During the last cold, I was like: OMG, I think I need to quit my job and stay home with him because we can’t handle these crazy illnesses anymore!  The reality is that if I stayed home, that we would be in playgroups and at library activities and stuff so we’d still be around lots of other kids with germs.  I think baby germs are just somehow stronger!  Or my immune system is much weaker because I’m super stressed out, exhausted, not eating well, and overall not at my best… yeah that’s probably it!

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