A Little Sunshine During a Storm

OMFG.  I say that out loud every single day!  In an effort to try and not just let myself sink completely into misery, I need to make light of Some things.

Exhibit A:


I do not even work in customer service


I’m on calls so often during the week that I was starting to get neck pain as I tried to multi-task, and now myself and pretty much all the other ladies in my office use this fantastic accessory.  We know how ridiculous we look, but we also do not care about Looks!  When the holiday food and treat deliveries start coming, we all dig the Eff in there.  Some days we’re all so busy that all we eat is chocolate covered stuff for lunch, it’s sad… but is it really?  We’re all like buying skinny jeans, complaining about feeling fat or whatever, and then eating a handful of chocolate covered pretzels for lunch.  Whatever.

Exhibit B – there is no photo evidence, but have you ever brought a wheely suitcase full of presentation materials to a meeting before?  I have.  There were only 5 people there, I just had a lot of heavy stuff.  They actually laughed when I walked in.  

Quickly getting back to eating like shit and then complaining about it, I took the dog for a run Tuesday morning, which Never happens anymore.  It felt amazing.  For the first time in a super long time, like before pregnancy, I ran without feeling like a 500 pound smoker.  I am super sore and tight now, but I really think that it helped my mood and my physical signs of anxiety for a little while.  It’s obvious that exercise alleviates stress, but finding the time for it remains a challenge for me.  I do what I can.

Exhibit C – get ready for TMI.  8 months postpartum and my body could actually conceive again.  I laugh just thinking about that crazy idea.  Taking care of my high energy crazy baby while being pregnant and working full time in a stressful job with a stupid commute and a dog that likes to run away? No.  No sane person would do that.  Baby H doesn’t just chill or anything.  Tonight, all he wanted to do was be thrown around in the air like an airplane all rough and crazy.  He screamed with glee and then got sad if I stopped.  I flung him around for 15 minutes straight.  He’s almost 20 pounds!  Omg, anything to make him happy.

Exhibit D – Abe and I have finally decided to try and tackle some things around the house to make it both more pleasing to the eye, but also to make our lives more enjoyable.  There are things about our house that drive us so insane but we just drag our feet over doing anything about it.  This is operation Just Effing Do It Already!  Stay tuned.

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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