Duluth, and The Crawling Baby

So much has happened in two weeks.  I can’t even encompass it all right here.

Baby H actually went back to the ER for another allergic reaction, this time to cereal (maybe wheat?) and after that we were finally able to run some blood work to see what he’s allergic to at this moment.  Babies often grow out of allergies, so there is a real hesitation to do allergy testing on kids under 15 months.  We’ll see what the results are soon.  Two ER visits, two follow-up visits with the pediatrician, and a ridiculous amount of Benedryl later, the mystery continues.  Also he cut his fingers on glass and banged his head on the foot board of the bed.  There was blood, and a big bump, but he is alive.

I went to Minnesota for like 20 hours for one of the most beautiful weddings that I’ve ever seen.  I had originally planned on bringing Abe and H but it really just didn’t make any sense.  This was the first time that I’ve ever traveled alone in this manner: flying, connections, rental car, hotel, flying connections, navigating unfamiliar airports, driving in unfamiliar places, putting myself on a stand by list, etc.  It worked out really well though, and I’m so glad that I was able to go.  Really, I am not one to get emotional or whatever, but I was truly touched by this wedding and the thought they put into their vows and how very personal and intimate everything was.  Looking back, I would totally do so many things differently at our wedding… not like anything major, but there are many things that could have been less annoying or better planned or both.  I think weddings actually get much deeper or whatever as couples get older – that’s just my opinion.



Matchy Matchy

Baby H is now Speed Crawling.  Honest to God, two weeks ago he wasn’t really even crawling.  I could just put him down on the floor and he’d barely move around.  These days, I’ve become a part-time baby wrangler.  Changing a diaper is now impossible.  I may never be able to do anything, ever again.  We got him one of those like baby jail things, where it squares off a 6 foot area for him to crawl around in… obviously he hates it.  The other day before we got the gate, he crawled from his play area over to me in another room where I was washing bottles.  Like he navigated Through Rooms on a slippery floor in footy pajamas.  I don’t even know how parents survive, really, like the most simple of things become so complex when you can’t turn your back for two seconds.Footie pajama season has begun, and I had to pack away all of little H’s 6 month pajamas and buy new 9 month PJs.  Over the summer, he just slept in a onesie and a light sleep sack, but footie pajamas are actually a lot easier overall.  I think he’s more comfortable in them too.Sleep Training – Round 2.  After a tummy bug, 1 tooth, and a second tooth right after H had been taken out of his usual sleep routine for close to 3 weeks.  We realized that he was just waking up nonstop at night because he had become accustomed to it.  A new habit had formed where he would wake up every 30 minutes, call for us, and then go back to sleep in our arms.  Who wouldn’t want to sleep in cozy warm arms?!  We are suckers.  After letting his second tooth come in, we stopped the madness and reintroduced him to the real world where babies sleep in cribs and not in overtired parent arms at 3am.  Oh No, that shit can’t continue.  I say “goodnight H” at 7:30 and I do not go back into his room until after 6am unless something in on fire.  The first time we did sleep training, I would go back in every 15 minutes or 20 minutes, but he was really little then, and he’s a big boy now.  There is no reason for him to need me and he won’t cry for a very long time.  This really worked well for us.  The first night of STR2, he cried for 20 minutes before going to sleep.  The second night of STR2, he cried for 5 minutes.  We are finally winning the sleep battle.  My body is wondering why I’m getting 7 hours of sleep.  My brain is wondering why I’m able to form a real thought.  Hopefully this continues to go well through the weekend so we can really recharge our batteries!  Well rested parents are well more exciting.  I even go baby finger paints to do activities at home online today because I suddenly had huge aspirations after getting a good night of rest.  That may come back to bite me.

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