Bears in the Hood


I just sat down to enjoy my first beer since breast feeding came to a close, and so I’m sitting here reading our local paper – and really I’m just skimming it for the good stuff.  Turns out that a bear was spotted 3 days ago in my neighborhood!!!  A Mother Effing Black Bear, and I only found out through our dinky 10 page local paper!  I seriously almost peed my pants.

I can handle a lot of things: bug, spiders, a mysterious critter in the ceiling, dead birds in the back stairwell, dead birds stuck to an AC unit, a dead poisoned mouse, a live mouse stuck to a trap, deer all over the place, chickens, turkeys that fly into my windshield or chase my car, etc.  I really really can’t handle a black bear in my yard.  Like what if I’m out for my early morning stroll with the dog and my baby?  Then what?  I can’t out run a bear pushing a 30 pound stroller and trying to control the crazy dog.  This is an actual serious concern of mine.  I’ve gone from: Oh yeah I can jog with the baby and the dog no problem, to: um, I’m not sure this is going to work anymore.  

Damn you bears.  What else is lurking out there that I don’t even know about?  I almost peed my pants last week when I thought there was a fisher cat in my yard.  The loud monkey sounds I was hearing was actually barred owls, but I was convinced that it was something much bigger and scarier.  

Fencing in the back yard has never sounded so good.  What doesn’t sound so good is the $10K that it would cost us to do so!  I think we’ll stick to the motion sensing lights.

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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