Standing Babies and Taking Back The Boobs

Standing Baby

Standing Baby

He’s not crawling yet, but for some reason he is standing (while holding on to something).  I think he may have skipped over something, but I have no idea.  It’s like he figured out how to get around somehow, and I don’t even know how to explain it.  He sort of scooches around but it’s not very efficient or anything.  I’m not sure he’s really into the idea of crawling.  Standing on the other hand is something that he’s been wanting to do for months now.

7 months and 3 days: I’m officially done breast feeding.  Some people think that this is a long time, other people think it’s on the shorter side.  I think it’s really a lifestyle decision and it’s different for everyone.  The main reasons that I decided to stop are 1. pumping 4 x a day at work was just not feasible with my schedule and it was absolutely adding too much stress to my life.  They provided a very nice room for me, however, I can’t just not go out to meetings because of pumping.  It was just too hard to manage.  2. His potential food allergies (dairy, soy, and nut) had me on such a restrictive diet that I am just ready to stop.  I think that if I were a SAHM, then I would try to make it closer to 9 months but that’s sort of just splitting hairs.  I am positive that I wouldn’t have been able to make it a full year (babies transition to cow milk at 1 year).

I’ve spent the last month cutting back on my pumping little by little to try and lower my supply.  Baby H is being supplemented with hypoallergenic formula.  Each of his bottles gets a little breast milk and a little formula, so he’s still getting a little of the good stuff (note: this is also a massive pain in the ass) for his development.  Yesterday, I felt like it was time.  My body seemed to be pretty low, and I was at 1 pump per day (5 ounces total).  When H woke up in the middle of the night, I rocked him back down without breast feeding him like I usually do.  So really, this is like two birds with 1 stone: Done breast feeding, done feeding him at night – no transition to bottle for midnight feeding).

Currently, it’s been about 24 hours since my last pump and this Mama wants to die.  My right boob is ready to explode, it’s in a lot of pain and you can see it.  It’s literally doubled in size since yesterday.  My left boob doesn’t feel great, but it’s smaller and not that big of a deal.  I hand expressed a little bit from the big one, like a tbsp maybe… (hand expression: it’s just what it sounds like) and it did bring some sweet relief for a couple hours but now it’s back to throbbing.  I don’t even know what to do.  I should have started this insanity on Friday.  I just hope that I don’t end up with mastitis because I was very careful to wean down, and I felt like I took all the necessary steps, but like…. now I have a throbbing cantaloupe for a boob.  I don’t even know how to hide this at work tomorrow… but I do know that I will be eating dairy tomorrow, Oh Yes.

On Thursday, my work brought in a Pinkberry bar and I had to just sit there and watch everyone put glorious toppings on their special frozen yogurt treats.  There will be no more of that!  Those treats are Mine!  You know what else will be mine?: beer, wine, things that have chemicals, over the counter drugs, peanut butter, soy lattes, nachos, Papa Ginos pizza, Italian subs, Big Macs with the cheese, coffee with real milk, bagels with cream cheese, and going out to eat at restaurants.  Oh Yes.

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