Winning and Losing, to the face

I wrote this on Monday… I haven’t truly figured WordPress out yet.

Everyday is full of little wins and losses, especially these days when things can’t ever seem to go smoothly. I try to remind myself that right about now losses are expected, so little wins should be freaking celebrated Today is an excellent example.

5:00 got up early to get ready and see the in laws off. Baby let me get ready before waking up. WIN I was up super early after a true evening of no sleep, thank you teething. LOSE
5:40 baby was totally awake and really annoyed. He pooped himself, and so I started changing him and he was still pooping so I closed up the diaper before there was a disaster. We watched a Caspar Babypants music video while he finished his business and everyone was happy. WIN
6:20 decided to try giving baby acetaminophen while he was sitting in his high chair for his teething pain. He’s never tasted it before, so when I gave him a little grape flavor he made a sour face, dry heaved, and then very forcefully projectile vomited his entire bottle all over himself and the kitchen floor. LOSE. I had the cat-like reflexes to push his chair away from me so it didn’t get on my work outfit. WIN
8:10 made it to work nice and early with a good parking spot. WIN. Line of 40 people at Starbucks. LOSE
2:00 raced to a meeting, and made it on time after stressing about timing all morning… WIN. Then realized, meeting was at 3pm. LOSE
2:30 frantically called mom to pick up the baby at daycare since the meeting was later than planned (also listened to lecture about how I should be working part time). LOSE. Turned out I could cancel with her because I got out early enough and there was no traffic. WIN. Also – In Your Face Mom. WIN

As you can see, my days are covered in smelly bodily fluids and stress so if I can get even a few things to go my way it really helps. Now that we’re facing teething, I really need help. I can’t actually see anything coming through his gums, but he’s eating Everything. He chews pretty much everything, except for any of his teething toys, and is really cranky. He’s not sleeping well and last night he had what I might call a night terror. He woke up screaming, and even after I picked him up to soothe him he was absolutely screaming his head off. He cries all the time, but he doesn’t freak out like that very often. He looked me straight in the face and just yelled and yelled for about 5 minutes, which doesn’t sound like a long time, but it was. He was able to calm down once I took him out of his room, turned a light on, and sat him down. I really feel like he wasn’t quite awake while he was screaming and then once I changed his environment he realized he was awake. It was really strange. The night terrors stopped after that, but he did wake up several more times. I think Abe and I got like 2 hours of sleep last night, we are total zombies today. I have no idea how I’m even alive.

I decided to try to get ahead of the problem tonight. It was obvious that his teeth were really bothering him, so I let him chew on anything he could find and I gave him a little baby acetaminophen before he went to bed. It is supposed to last 4 hours… we’ll see how this works. I don’t really have high expectations, I just know that it really can’t get too much worse. My fear is that his teething stage is going to last a really long time. My teeth were really slow and late to come in, so hopefully this is an area where he takes after his dad.


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