4 People and a Baby Walk Into a Cemetery…

My in laws were here for the weekend, which is great because they live in Florida so we only see them a few times per year.  Having guests when you have a baby in the house can be tough if your baby is not a good sleeper.  I had so much anxiety over the fact that he wakes up multiple times per night still, and when he wakes up it really isn’t just fussing, it’s usually full blown crying and it’s L-O-U-D.  Did I mention that my in-laws drove 8 hours to get here from DC?  They really needed their rest.  So what did we do Saturday night?  The baby went down easily at 7:30, and then for some idiotic reason we stayed up late and then suddenly I was sleepless and it was like 1:45 and H woke up.  I fed him and put him back down.  Then it was 4:30 and H woke up, so I got up and fed him back down and then camped out in his room on the floor so I could be there in seconds if he woke up again.  The guest room is right next to the baby room!  How did that go?  As expected.  H woke up several more times and each time I had to rock him back down. At some point around 5:30 he let me put him down on the floor with me and he snoozed for another 20-30 minutes.  We were up for the day, in a new outfit and everything at 6:10.  About 20 minutes later he pooped through that outfit, but you know, it was still a pretty early start to the morning.  The rest of the day was as painful as one would imagine – although it did involve lobsters for lunch ($3.99 per pound, OMG, go get some!).

I don’t want to say that it got weird after that, but it kind of did.  My in laws took us to a cemetery so that their parents could meet us (myself and H).  As really freaking bizarre as that concept sounds, it was really touching to hear Abe’s dad pray to his parents and speak so nicely of them and their fondness of Abe.  If you count Abe’s dad’s father, then you see 4 men of the same name.  One of them just happen to be not alive anymore and another one happens to be 6 1/2 months old and snoozing.  He was dressed in a special outfit for the event, and even wore shoes, but hey sleep wins out every time.

This was a really tough weekend, we’re both totally exhausted from hosting duties and we both have a really jam packed week ahead.  Hopefully something is merciful – maybe traffic will be light (doubtful), maybe we’ll come across a cash windfall (also doubtful), or maybe the eczema around H’s mouth will heal so he doesn’t have a red mustache anymore (this is probably the closest of the three to actually happening!).


Special Introductions


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