Updates Galore

I feel like I never blog anymore. I feel that way because it’s partially true. The thing is that I have a lot to say, but I know that None of it is interesting to anyone else! Like, do you really want to hear about how many accidents I pass by on my way home? In the past week, I’ve passed at least 1 major accident every single ride home. My commute has been awful. Today I saw an SUV completely upside down closing 2 lanes of traffic and an entire off ramp. Later on the same highway, I saw a 4 car accident. I just don’t even know. I’m also trying to organize my home. I have a list of things that I want to organize… my filing cabinet has been inventoried, and so I’ve taken like 2 steps in a 50 step Organize This Shithole type program. It could be going better.

The baby is doing good. He’s so funny right now! He is sitting up on his own, and once in a while he just falls right over (although way less frequently this week than last week) – he never seems to mind. He’s super close to crawling, he can get up on all fours but then just collapses when he tries to move. He’s always thinking, sometimes I just watch him try to figure something out. We think that he’s finally realized that the baby on the other side of the mirror is actually just himself. Last night, he was sitting on the ground next to me and the dog walked by across the room and shook, and it scared the shit out of him. He actually shrieked in fear and then started crying until I picked him up. He really likes the dog though, she just surprised him I guess. She feels much differently about him! The poor dog still can’t figure out the baby. I’m pretty sure this is what is happening in her tiny brain, “What is that thing?… why is it making noise? Why is mom holding it all the time? Why is it in the car with me? Why is it here everyday? What? Wait…What?” She’s no genius.

At the moment, we’re trying to figure out what is harder – traveling by plane with a baby (with connections) and staying in a hotel (um, how do you get a pack and play and 2 days worth of formula and breast milk to your destination?) or leaving the baby behind with dad to handle on his own with the dog? The answer is = there is no real answer.

Another puzzle is trying to find a babysitter. My parents watch him when we need them to, but realistically we need to find someone other than them sometimes. I tried Care.com but I was less excited about it than I thought I would be. I wasn’t finding the type of people that I really wanted because the people I really wanted were his daycare teachers. They are all so good with him, and they know him so well, and that’s just what I want. I asked one of his teachers yesterday and she said that she would be interested, but she also said that she needs a 2 week advance notice. That’s how often she’s babysitting on the side – apparently this is a very competitive market! And what is the going rate these days for sitters? $15 per hour in my neck of the woods. I had a person ask for $20/hr, and she was a college student. Please. I know that I’m like old and whatever, but in college, I never made more than $10/hr except when lifeguarding and that was only $12/hr. Get Real people.

The baby sign language package arrived today and I briefly skimmed the parent guide. It said that it can take up to 2 months for a baby to make his first sign… I don’t know why I expected it to be somewhat faster. I’ll report back on progress, I think that “milk” is the first sign we will be learning.


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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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