Favorite Running Sneakers

It’s been 2+ years since I last bought a pair of running sneakers.  The jogging stroller should arrive today or tomorrow, and I have no idea what kind of sneakers I should get.  I went to a sporting goods store yesterday, and was totally overwhelmed by both the prices and the selection.  Do any runners have suggestions of their favorite kinds of sneakers?  In the past, I’ve had success with Brooks, Asics and Mizunos, but I’m totally willing to try out something new!

Photo from the 2010 Chicago Marathon.  I’m in the middle with bad form and a purple tank top.  I’m not sure if another marathon is in the cards for me or not.

2009 Nike Women’s Half Marathon.  It never occurred to me that this would be the hilliest race I could possibly run!  It was still fun though.
I’m sure everyone is just going to say that I should go to a running store and and talk to them about what I’m looking for etc, but let’s pretend that I don’t have time for that kind of experience.  Say I have a baby at home and I work all day with no free time.  
What is your favorite running sneaker?

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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