Body After Baby – 5 Months, and some buying tips

At 4 weeks, 4 days pregnant.  A body like a teenage boy: everything is flat as a board.

At 5 months postpartum, 2 pounds above my prepregnancy weight although Obviously I don’t look the same (check out my bear!).  My body seems a lot different to me these days.  My stomach is what I would call “floppy”, but I can tell the skin is still slowly shrinking and of course my boobs are huge.  However, I haven’t done much of anything to try and lose my baby weight or tighten my stomach.  The 8 minute abs video is something that I did maybe 3 times.  I ran/walked on the treadmill maybe 4 times and I have just been eating whatever I can.  Since my diet is somewhat restricted by not being able to eat dairy, soy, or nuts these days, I’m sort of stuck to only eating certain things.  I rejoice when I find something that is allowed, and poke at foods that aren’t interesting to me.

Sure I could have lost the weight faster if I cared and I really thought that I would be someone who wanted to lose the weight fast.  Prior to pregnancy, I always thought that I’d work out like crazy after having a baby.  Who has time for that?  Turns out that I’m not that person.  I’m the kind of person who had a really high needs baby, exclusively breast fed for 5 months, is constantly ridiculously stressed out (I have bad hives all the time), sometimes forgets to eat or hydrate, and doesn’t get enough sleep.

I’ve been entertaining the idea of working out a little bit more and have been scouring the interwebs for a jogging stroller, because I am refusing to pay full price.  I’ve found so many things on Craigslist for the baby or for free (side of the road!) that I have a hard time justifying paying real money for a temporary item.  Tomorrow I’m going to pick up a high chair and a booster seat that I found on Craigslist (both for $60 total and in my town, would have been $165 for both retail), and H loves his exersaucer that was $0, the swing I got for $40 only sort of worked out but it was fine for the brief time he used it.  So my tip to future parents: buy used if you can because very few things will actually be needed for an extended period of time!  You think that you need to just like buy new nice stuff, but you really don’t need to buy high end or brand new stuff for your child.  A shiny new $90 exersaucer would have served H just as well as his $0 one.  Anyhow, I look on Craigslist everyday now for things we need.  I don’t have time for this, but I do it anyway because it’s totally worth it when it works out.

Losing baby weight is different for everyone.  Some people take 9 months to gain it and 9 months to lose it or much more.  Other people practically look the back to normal 2 months after having the baby.  I fell somewhere in between, but what I feel is that my body really just had its own agenda.  It wanted to lose the weight at the pace that it did, it happened very naturally and comfortably, it all around felt slow and controlled, and breast feeding certainly helped the process.  My advice on this is to not even bother to think about it or worry about it because your job is to take care of your baby, and your body will take care of itself.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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