What I learned this week

Sleep training is going well, it is worth it.  We’re on Day #7 and I’m still alive and H is doing so good.  There are a lot of books on this topic and I didn’t read any of them, so I’m no expert.  I just felt like there were so many opinions and so many different ways to go about it that I’d just try it my way and feel it out, although it’s a variation of Ferber’s cry it out method.  The first night and the third night were the worst, the rest of the nights went super well.  When it was bad, it was never really very bad at all.  We’re facing a new challenge though because he really likes to roll onto his stomach and then he gets stuck there.  He’s strong enough to lift himself up or turn his head, but he’s not good at rolling back and he desperately wants to.  He gets loudly frustrated by this and Friday night it was like All effing night.  Last night he actually just slept on his stomach without freaking out about getting stuck, so I hope he does that again tonight or better yet, just stays on his back.

H can now put his feet into his mouth.  It just happened on Friday, it’s Hilarious.  It really happened very suddenly.  Two days ago he tried it but he didn’t seem flexible enough at all.  Then on Friday he just reached down grabbed his foot and brought it right into his mouth and then couldn’t get enough of it!

My elimination diet, otherwise known as my little piece of hell, has actually uncovered some things.  I’m convinced that he’s allergic to or sensitive to dairy, soy, and now possibly nuts.  Last week I added berries back in with no reaction, so that’s something I guess.  This week I added nuts back in and the past he’s looked progressively worse on his face.  It’s really red and slightly bumpy and inflamed.  He just looks really not good at all.  Once I brought nuts back in, I was eating a lot of them it seemed… because they’re in everything: the granola bars I’ve had every day for the past week, peanut oil, I had a lot of peanut butter, almond milk, etc.  I just hope we can get real confirmation soon after his 6 month appointment and I also hope he grows out of them.

I’m trying to treat his cradle cap with baby oil, like you just smear it all over and let it sit there.  It’s working, but it also seems like it’s never really going away and his scalp is really dry.  It’s better but worse at the same time.  I have him wearing mittens for a good portion of the day now because he can’t stop scratching his head and it looks like a cat got to it.  He has the Worst hairline right now, but luckily you can already see the front fuzz beginning to grow back in.  So really what I learned here is that I should have started treating this a lot sooner, but I didn’t know how.  I also learned that this baby needs a live in baby nurse.

I spent a lot of time today preparing for formula and solids.  I went and looked at high chairs and found one that is both inexpensive and less offensive to the eyes than others.  We now own lots of infant spoons and a couple bowls for the first thing on our list: organic rice cereal.  This is going to be really good for little H, he’s such a chubby baby that I think that sometimes he just needs more to eat.  I think it will help him sleep better through the night, we’ll see.  I want to start the rice cereal in 2 weeks, after we bring a little bit of formula into the picture.  It’s all very exciting.  I can’t wait to stop pumping like a madwoman.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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