Baby’s First Swimming Lesson

At 5 months old, he was the best swimmer in the class today.  I am not even saying that because I think he’s the best at everything.  The other kids were just like totally freaking the eff out about the water, but he didn’t.  It took him about 15 minutes to figure out what was going on.  He was actually a lot braver than I think he should have been.  He wanted to stick his face in the water – mainly to drink it.  He swam on his front and then on his back, assisted by me of course, but he was super easy going about it.  Towards the end of the class he started kicking his legs.  At that point, he had surpassed the talent level in the class by a million.

I decided that because he’s such a good little swimmer, but way too young to respond to commands by the instructor (or stand), that I’d just teach him on my own.  We’re going to visit the pool every weekend and then enroll in lessons in the winter when he’s older and when spending the money on them makes more sense.  Also, I taught swimming lessons for like… 5 years, so I think I can handle this task.

The best part about swimming was that he was So worn out after.  He took a 2 hour nap starting from the second he got into the car.  Later he took another 1.5 hour nap.  This is probably normal for other kids, but I have a cat napper.  He is still doing many very short naps through the day instead of 2 longer condensed ones.  He seems to hit certain milestones early, and then other ones late.  For example, he was rolling from his stomach to his back super early but it took him a long and painful 6 weeks to distinguish day from night.

Can we look at the definition in my arms too?!  That is the most I’ve ever had in my entire life and I used to work out like crazy, but could never really get them to look very good.  Carrying around this baby nonstop is a really good workout for the arms.  He really likes to be lifted up in the air – that’s actually what I’m doing here, getting ready to lift him up and “jump” into the pool.  He loved that of course.

Such a great day with little H.  I mean he pooped himself at the grocery store, and when I say he pooped himself… I mean, it leaked all over him and his car seat.  That was a first.  I’m just happy he didn’t poop in the pool.

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One Response to Baby’s First Swimming Lesson

  1. Katie says:

    Kudos to you for baby swim lessons! I have to say, there are few things cuter than chubby babies in swimsuits, and Baby H is no exception! And seriously? You look fab!

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