Jogging Stroller, Which is Best?

I need help.
What is the best jogging stroller on the market?  The BOB Revolution seems to be the most popular, but is it the best long term model for when a baby is a baby and then when he’s like 4?  I read that the Joovy is roomier for the child.  Any advice would be really great.  What I’m looking for in a jogging stroller is: ease of use, weight, comfort for the baby, can the baby grow into it well, and will it be worth the $$.  My local baby stores don’t even have jogging strollers in stock, so I can’t test them out – it’s so annoying.  How many strollers does a baby need?  Did you think they only needed 1?  You would be terribly wrong.  Our baby is on the verge of having 3: travel system, umbrella stroller, and jogging stroller (something more all terrain).  My sister in law has 3 kids, and she said that she’s owned 7 strollers.  That seems like an impossible number.

The baby turns 5 months old tomorrow, and right now as I type he is sleeping without his swaddle like a big boy.  This is night #2 without the swaddle.  What the heck is a swaddle, you ask?  It’s the equivalent of a person tightly hugging you while sleeping.  Babies love being swaddled when they’re little, but it restricts their movement so when they get bigger like H they shouldn’t be doing it anymore.  Last night was sort of the breaking point.  I put him down at 8 in his swaddle and when he woke up around 8:45pm he was rolling around so violently that he was like an inch from rolling onto his stomach.  If that happens babies can suffocate because their arms are strapped down.  Right then we got rid of his swaddle, and put him in a sleep sack.  I also decided really out of nowhere that mittens might be a good idea to stop him from scratching his face off and dug them out of a bag that I already packed away.  He has a habit of scratching fiercely at his face and head when he’s tired or trying to sleep, which stops him from falling asleep.  Well the mittens worked.  When we tried to take him out of his swaddle 2 weeks ago, it was a disaster.  This time it went perfectly fine.  He woke twice after that, which is normal.  I wish I had tried the mittens sooner.

Also, I finally took a step towards getting him to formula.  Pumping 4 x a day is just taking over my life, so I am going to slowly introduce formula over the next two months first by supplementing with 1 bottle per day.  I called and got the script called in today.  Did you know that formula could be a prescription?  I didn’t, but it’s really good to know.  Our health insurance covers all prescriptions 100%, so I just asked my doctor for him to write one for the formula that he recommended for H’s reflux and dairy allergy.  I hope that he takes to it.  I doubt he will because he’s such a stubborn baby, but one can hope.  I researched soy based formulas for a couple of weeks but couldn’t find one that I was super comfortable with, so I thought that I would start with the recommended hypoallergenic one and if it doesn’t work out then we’ll try the soy.  I feel a lot of guilt over using formula, but I think once I’m using it and feeling the relief of less pumping the guilt will disappear.

I made an Amazon wish list for H the other day to keep updated for his grandparents, and it was incredible at all the things I was putting on there.  They were all things for big kids, not little babies.  I put a lot of things like baby spoons and eating containers, bouncy toys, crawling toys, lunch totes, etc.  Babies really do grow up so fast.  I’m trying to take lots of pictures, I swear that each day he looks a little different and is somehow more coordinated!  I think tomorrow he will wake up and walk downstairs himself.

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