Challenges and Second Guessing

This happened.
My first walk with both of the babies on my own.  I figured that the stroller might scare Mia too much on our first outing so the Ergo may be a better way to go.  It worked out really well.  The dog was well behaved, and the baby was happy.  I pulled his little sunshade over his head when we walked and he was still able to take in the sights through the sides.  It was kind of hard on me though, the baby is heavy and my neighborhood is hilly and so I wouldn’t do this for more than 20 minutes or a half an hour at the most.  Abe had to go to NY very last minute so I’m glad that I was able to work this system out so everyone could be cared for at once.  Now that I know it’s possible, the dog might not be quite so sad on days when it’s just me.  Getting a little exercise and fresh air is good for everyone.

In case you were wondering – week 2 of being dairy free (also nut, berry, and chocolate free) is complete.  The baby’s skin continues to look really good only occasionally having a little ezcema here and there that is well under control with the prescription cortisone and daily Hydrolatum moisturizer.  He unfortunately has Another cold.  This is his 3rd cold since he started daycare 2 months ago.  He actually had to stay home from school on Friday because it really was that bad.  I had to stay home from work and suction out his nose every 10 minutes.  Luckily, his spirits were good but he was really too sick to be around other kids.  I took him to Target to pick up a birthday gift for his cousin, and that was the extent of his activities.

I know that kids in daycare get sick all the time, just like kids in elementary school get sick all the time. I also know that if he was home with me, that I’d be taking him around kids enough so that he’s still be sick quite a bit.  I am starting to wonder if this is the best arrangement for us though.  Financially, it’s what we have to do right now but I think that our quality of life could potentially be better if I were staying at home.  If my commute were something closer to 30 minutes instead of an hour and 30 minutes, then maybe this would be more feasible.  When I say Our, I really mean that my family’s quality of life could be improved if I stayed home: the dog would be home with me during the day instead of daycare, errands could be done during the week instead of on the weekends when we have to do like 10 that takes up too much time, meals could actually be made, the house could maybe be cleaned once in a while, etc.  I mean, sure the grass is always greener on the other side but what stresses us both out the most is that on weekends we don’t get to really have a weekend.  We spend the bulk of it doing errands and chores and not spending quality time together, which can be really toxic.  At this point, I’m pretty sure that if we have a second baby that I’ll either stay home or find a job Much closer to home to try and get a better handle on our home life.  This probably would mean a career change, but I’m not sure that I care.  I was really concerned that I wouldn’t get enough adult time if I stayed home, and that taking care of a baby all day would wear me to the bone – which it would, but working all day also wears me to the bone.

Speaking of finances – if you don’t belong to a credit union, you should think about joining one.  We moved a car loan, and are in the process of moving our auto/home insurance over, and we’ll be saving thousands of dollars.  It’s free money, like really, it took very little time on our part to make it happen.  I bet that people know about this, and we knew too, but we didn’t know how good of a deal it really could be.  The baby also has his very first savings account there!  We asked if he could get a debit card, but they said no.  Too bad, that would just be so funny.

Anyway, there is obviously lots of stuff on my mind these days.  I’m trying to take it one day at a time.  Today, I survived a walk with a dog and a baby.  Tomorrow, who knows?

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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