The Positives of Being a Mom So Far

I don’t mean to be scaring people away from having babies. I should probably try to focus on the positives of being a parent once in a while so the world doesn’t go sterile!

Having a baby is still so bizarre to me.  I can’t believe that we made a baby, and now we take care of him… and he looks like us. That whole concept still blows my mind.  Our baby is really high maintenance, like he has issues on top of issues all the time.  He’s super stubborn and nothing is easy with him, but there still nice moments to be had.
Nobody needs you more than the baby does
He needs you for everything.  He depends on you to meet his basic needs from eating to sleeping.  There is very little he can do for himself, and that is why he can identify you in a crowd of people.  Seeing him smile right at me when I pick him up at daycare is such a good feeling.  He knows that I’m his mom, and he’s excited to see me.  Your the first person he looks for when he needs comforting and cuddling.
I’m pretty sure at week 3 of breast feeding, I wanted to die.  My nipples were really sore because he wasn’t latching well, and I was icing them like crazy and feeding him around the clock.  These days he eats a little less, but also he nurses for comfort.  He wants me to hold him tightly so he can feel comfort, it’s a nice feeling.  I will miss that when we move him to formula in a couple months.  I think this transition will be very hard for both of us.  Nothing makes me feel more like a mom than feeding my baby.  I would continue to nurse for a full year if I was at home, or if my job wasn’t so stressful.  I find it increasingly difficult to find the time to pump 3 x a day at work and I know that in order to keep my sanity, I will need to stop soon.
Buddy System
The baby has become my constant companion.  On the weekends, he goes on all my errands with me.  Sometimes it’s nice to be all by myself, but having a buddy throughout the day is fun too.  Luckily, he enjoys being out and about so he can look around and take in the world and then he naps in the car.  I feel like I can just see him thinking and trying to process things going on.  Also, when he’s with me the grocery store people bring my bags to my car and load them for me!
Kid Stuff
I never thought that I’d enjoy kiddie stuff, but I actually do.  Parades as an adult are stupid.  Having a child to bring to a parade is really fun, they’re so into it and it’s so simple – and free.  We are really excited about things like children’s museums when he gets older.  Also, shopping for baby clothes is more fun than shopping for adult clothes.  I can’t ever leave Carter’s without spending $50, it’s impossible.  The toys are so funny too.  I can’t wait to get him his first baby laptop and smart phone!  Did you know they made those?  They do.
My baby has totally changed my outlook and purpose in life.  I’m a better person now for him – even if a more stressed out person, but whatever.  I’ve learned to be much more patient.  He really just fills my heart with happiness, and that is maybe the most unexpected thing to happen.  I can’t explain the way he makes me feel, but it’s wonderful and it gets stronger everyday.

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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