But We Live Near An Ice Cream Stand…

I’ve been hanging on to 7 remaining baby pounds, and actually I don’t even care, I have a million other things to worry about these days that it seems so stupid.  That is until I need to find something to wear in the morning or think about putting on a swim suit.  I’m pretty sure this problem is about to fix itself.

Welcome to 3 weeks of my elimination diet care of the baby’s likely food allergies.  We’ve known for a long time now that he probably has something going on due to his horrendous eczema, so I did a dairy elimination over a month ago but I probably didn’t do it completely right.  Over the weekend the baby had a pretty obvious reaction to breast milk, like right after he ate a red rash appeared and then would gradually fade away each time he fed.  The doctor told me to think back over the past week to see if there was anything that I ate that was new or something I ate a lot of.  My list is sort of embarrassing.  At the time, I couldn’t think of anything in either the new or frequent category and then I really used my brain.

The potential culprits:
Spicy food (pepperoni)

I ate Loads of chocolate this week.  Ever since he was born, I really like chocolate and that was never the case before.  I used to prefer Gummy Bears and Swedish Fish over brownies, but the times have changed over here.  I bought a Costco sized brownie bites container and practically ate the entire thing myself.  I had to throw it away so that I wouldn’t actually finish the entire deliciousness.  New realization: buying an industrial sized dessert for only 2 people is not a very good idea.

How does an elimination diet work?  I can’t eat anything with any trace of those above foods for 3 whole weeks (including all processed foods where it sneaks in as whey or vanilla flavoring), and then one at a time I can add a food back in for 1 full week to see if he has any reaction to it.  If there is no reaction, then he likely does not have an allergy to that item.  If he does, then there we have it.  I think it’s actually more than 1 thing though, so that may be the tricky part.

Tomorrow when I go to make myself a coffee I’m going to remember I can’t have my almond milk and instantly be like, ” F— Me”.

Stay tuned as my new found diet gets really weird / boring, and my mood gets increasingly confrontational / super annoyed.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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