The Cloud Over This House Needs to Leave

We are having a really rough few days over here.

The baby is not sleeping well at all.  He’s frequently waking at night meaning very little sleep for everyone.  He also has a stuffy nose which might be the cause of the frequent waking.  I’m positive it’s something he caught at daycare, it just seems unreasonable since he was full out sick just a few weeks ago.  His sensitive skin/eczema/rashes are also back in action.  He’s just uncomfortable all around.  I’m wondering if it was something I ate over the weekend that made it flare.  Who freaking knows though…

The dog is sick – Again.  We have a dog with the worst stomach ever.  I’m pretty sure she picks up tummy issues at her daycare.  Yes our dog and our baby both go to daycare.  This is not ideal.  In fact, we just had a discussion about this yesterday and how not ideal it is.  We haven’t found a solution yet though, since we’re both away from the house during the day and a dog walker is basically the same cost.  Also not ideal is having to get up multiple times for a dog that needs to run outside to use her bathroom while also getting up for the baby.

While life is really hard to manage these days, I really try my hardest to look towards the bright side of things.  If nothing else, I’ve learned that constantly freaking out about the constant stress and challenges will not yield anything at all.  It’s just not productive.  Babies are really hard, life is really hard, that’s just how it is sometimes.  On a day where it’s not like that, it really feels like a gift.

The baby is getting older and even though he’s a massively difficult baby, he is getting to be more fun and shows more personality everyday.  Even though he is very difficult, I’m thankful that he has no major medical problems.  His skin issues are frustrating, but they will not last forever.

Big wins for the day:
Bought 2 packs of Pampers Cruisers size 3 diapers, 31 count packs, because they were on sale and I had a coupon.  Great deal, got them for 2 cents per diaper after the discounts!  I usually get my diapers from Amazon Mom because that deal cannot be beat, but I needed something just to get us to our next scheduled delivery on the way.

Had time to take the dog for a 2 mile walk between calls during my work from home day.  She is still under the weather but really loved the walk.

Threw out all the desserts that had been tempting me for the past 5 days.  It was getting ridiculous how many brownie bites I was eating in one day.  I spent the day trying to drink a lot of water instead.  This is only sort of a win.  It’s a win for my waist line.

Hopefully tonight the baby will sleep better and the past few days will be a distant memory…

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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