Horror Show c/o Little Bear

Oh, what were you doing from 1:30am – On last night, or should I say This Morning?  We were not sleeping over here.  This little guy would fall asleep and then wake up yelling and screaming 20 minutes later, like hysterically screaming like someone scared the shit out of him over and over again.  Also, there was a diaper blow out at 3am and his entire outfit had to be changed.  Later he peed all over everything during another change, which did not make Daddy’s night at all.

Our best guess is that he’s not feeling well since yesterday he was also out of sorts, and either his cold/stuffy nose or reflux is bothering him.  We had started to ween him off Prilosec Tuesday pm but decided by Friday that it was not time yet and got him back on his regular dose.  He was throwing up a lot after eating, which is one of his reflux symptoms.  When his reflux is under control he will only have little spit ups like a normal baby, as opposed to like a river of horror all over your work clothing.

Since the sun has been up, he’s been just as disagreeable.  He’s obviously unhappy, tired, and uncomfortable for some reason.  I’ve been trying to pay extra attention to his flaring red eczema, and trying to get him to eat and sleep as much as possible.  I took him to the grocery store at 8am, because Hey we were up, and thought he might enjoy the car ride.  He was great until we got home and instantly became the uncomfortable life destroying monster again.

How do moms do this?  I’m trying to keep my cool and be very patient, but OMG I just want to put him in his room and shut the door and then soundproof it for at least 3 hours so I can take a nap and take a shower.  Our somewhat open concept house allows for every little noise to be heard all around, which is good and also very very bad.

I regret saying that 4 months was fun.  Today, 4 months is not fun at all.  Imagine accidently drinking really sour milk over and over again for a full day.  That is what today is like.

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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