Pumping and Rashes and Bugs

The second week back at work was significantly easier than my first week back.  I was somehow able to manage things better – although it still remains very difficult.  These days what I find to be the most stressful is keeping up with the baby’s demand for milk.  He eats 4 4oz. bottles per day at daycare, which equates to me pumping 4 times per day.  Now we are at the point where he might need to eat more, so I’m going to send him tomorrow with a couple 5oz. bottles.  I’m barely keeping up with his current demand, how am I going to meet this new demand?

There are a lot of answers online for this sort of problem.  The most popular seem to be to pump often and nurse often so that your body knows that it needs to create more.  Who has time for that?!  I pump once before I leave for work (one side only, nursing the baby on the other side), and then at 9:30, 12pm, and 3pm or something like that.  How could I possibly be pumping more often than that?!  It’s mind boggling.  This solution would work for someone who isn’t working.  My sister in law was somehow able to pump multiple bottles all in one sitting.  She would pump only once at lunchtime and go home with a bunch of bottles for the next day.  That doesn’t seem normal, although it would be really nice.

Other things on my mind:

The baby’s constant rashes – All over his body.  We have diaper rash, eczema, dry skin, sometimes heat rash, yeast growing in his neck folds, cradle cap, etc.  It really never seems to end.

I wake up with more bug bites every single day.  I have no idea where they are coming from, or why they are attacking me.  Abe doesn’t have any and my dog is on flea and tick treatment, so it can’t be her.  It’s been like a week and they are now all over my body and they are very red and itchy.  I’ve ruled out spiders based on the interwebs description of bites, however, I have not ruled anything else out.  WTF.

Sugar.  I think that I may have fallen into a sugar addiction.  I can’t stop eating sweets.  I think about things like cakes, brownies, candy, soda, etc.  all the time.  I was never really like this before, it’s so strange.  I might have to go cold turkey and just get rid of all the sweets in the house or all the chocolates and cake at least, I need to regain control!  I have very little control of anything over here.

8 minute abs.  I thought I would start to do this nightly before bed.  I was like: 8 minutes?  I have 8 minutes.  Well it turns out that when it’s late and I’m exhausted, I don’t always have 8 minutes.  I’ve done it once so far.  I really liked it though.  This is to be continued, because I will eventually do it again.

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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