What’s In My Makeup Bag Now

I love trying new makeup – I probably have like 5 x more than I actually wear or use.  It’s a horrible addiction that I will someday get a hold of.  There are totally worse things in the world though, so whatever!  I’m really picky about my products because I have a really hard time matching my foundation and concealer to my skin tone, liner runs all over my Asian shaped eyes, and I look dead if I don’t wear a little natural looking blush.  I tend to cycle through different mascaras and liners a lot, like every month I’m using/trying something different.  
What I’m using at this very moment:
Bobby Pins
I am not thrilled with the current mascara but it will do for now.  Everything else, I’m pretty happy with.    I totally need new makeup brushes though, but who doesn’t?!

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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