First Week of Work

Now that I’ve experienced a little of each – SAHM (stay at home mom) and Working Mother, I’ve realized one thing: they are equally as difficult, just in different ways.

Note these are just My feelings, everyone has their own opinions on this hot topic.

SAHM stressors:
Finding constant entertainment for the baby
Feeling slightly isolated from the real world
Being the only set of hands when things get hard
Dealing with a fussy baby all day on your own
Many frustrating moments
Getting burnt out
Feeling under appreciated, you’re home raising a child after all
Feeling like you’re the only person taking care of the baby
Still not having the time to get anything done around the house even though you’re there all day
Not bringing home the bacon

SAHM positives:
Grocery store any day of the week with no crowds!
Being able to enjoy the weather when it’s nice out
Getting errands done during the week
Being able to go to lots of doctor’s appointments with no hassle
The posibility of a nap
The possibility of sleeping past 5am
Being there for big moments like a first laugh
Feeling like you have a strong bond
Having the baby cared for the way you want it done
Saving mileage on our leased car
Watching The Chew
Being able to keep the dog home from doggie daycare

Working Mom Stressors:
Finding time in the day to pump 4 bottles for daycare
The ability to produce 4 bottles per day
Going to work after a really bad night
Racing into work
Racing to daycare pickup through rush hour traffic
Daycare is expensive
Feeling like you never see the baby
A day full of constant anxiety and stress
Remembering to pack everything for daycare
Getting everything done: house stuff, baby stuff, work stuff
Chaotic mornings starting before 5am getting baby, self, and dog ready
Scheduling doctors appointments around work
Feeling like you have to do everything

Working Mom positives:
Bringing home a little bit of bacon
Being able to afford things
Adult interaction
Feeling like I have a life outside of the house
Feeling a little more normal
Using my brain in a different way
Adult time
Having time to eat
Wearing real clothing

Ok, so I’m still working on trying to find more positives to the working mom part of it.  I know people do it all the time everyday, but I am still adjusting.  I hear it takes more than a month to really find your groove… I’ll report back.

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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