Daycare! Freedom!

Today was the baby’s first day at daycare!  I wanted to do a full day there prior to me going back to work so we wouldn’t feel so rushed and overwhelmed.  This was a good idea, I highly suggest it because there were a lot of things to do.  I totally thought it was going to be like: here, take my kid, see you in 7 hours but that’s not how it was.  We need to get his stuff all prepped for the day.  People kept asking me how I was feeling about it, or if I wanted to go with him and stay for the day… um, why would I want to do that?!  I was like: Bye Baby!!  I had the whole day to use both of my hands, to pee when I wanted to, to eat at real meal times, to go shopping and try on clothes.  The kitchen floor got mopped – it hasn’t been mopped since December (that is shameful).  This was the best day ever.  Abe and I even went out to lunch since he was home.  The baby really enjoyed daycare I think, and he fell asleep in the car during our 3 minute ride home and he’s still sleeping – it’s been almost 3 hours… the longest nap in the history of him.  He must have been ultra stimulated because he did take several naps there today.

After we dropped off the baby this morning, I went and got a manicure and pedicure at 9am.  I haven’t had a pedicure since January and I shamefully still had the same polish on there grown out like a half an inch.  The manicurist used something that looked like a giant cheese grater on my heels. A Cheese Grater!  I’ve never seen this before, but today also happened to be the best pedicure I’ve ever had.  She even cracked my toes for me – totally weird, but it was also nice!  It’s these little things in life now that are really going to make me happy.  I used to take pedicures for granted.

Since I’m returning to work on Monday it will mean that I need to wear real clothing and not the same one pair of jeans and a t-shirt that smells like pukey baby.  I had to go buy clothes.  I have lost 30 pounds in 3 months just from being me, breast feeding, and being super stressed out all the time.  You’d think that this is a major accomplishment by the numbers, but it doesn’t really look like one to me.  I still have 12 more to go to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, and I don’t even care if I don’t fully get there but there is nothing more humbling than trying on clothes at this point in time.  I was able to find some things that worked, but I tried on a Lot of stuff and the whole shape of my body is just different.  My formerly flat chest is now huge, and I’m carrying the rest of my weight all in the tummy area.  I wanted to buy clothes that would transition from now until after the weight comes off, so it was tricky.  I feel like they should make clothes for this awkward period in time.  Sure I can still wear some of my maternity pants, but really, I’m just sick of maternity stuff all around.  How many wardrobes does a woman need?  3 apparently: pre baby, maternity, post baby.  Oh and by the way, my feet are a half a size bigger now.  Yeah… it’s hard to imagine.  Also, my hair is now falling out.  More gruesome details?  I will spare you guys for now.

[First day of daycare with fun new toys]

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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