From Cute to…

I thought the crib wedge was bad.  It gets worse.  We saw a doctor yesterday about the shape of the baby’s head, and on a scale of Mild – Moderate – Severe, he has a severely flat head.  He got this from sleeping on the same spot all the time, and it’s actually pretty common now that babies sleep on their backs instead of their stomachs.  This morning we have to go get him fitted for a cranial cup, which is actually just a special bed thingie to sleep in all the time.  That is really just the first step, after he grows out of the bed… or when he can support his own head, my little baby will need to wear a helmet to shape his head : (   I’m so mortified for him.  He’s the cutest thing…. and it’s going to be a couple months worth of looking like a fool, and right during the best time of the year!  You only take it off to bath the baby.  I just feel so bad about this.  I guess we couldn’t really have prevented it, it just happened on it’s own over time, but I still feel mildly responsible.

We have a lot of problems over here.  Next post will be about the 9 different bottles that I’ve tried to get him to take so far.  4 weeks ago he was taking them pretty well and then suddenly he changed his mind, and it’s been a serious battle ever since.  Daycare starts in 1 week and I’m freaking out.  Like, I’m really freaking out.  I’ve called lots of people, tried lots of different things, and I am just really unsure of how this is going to work out.

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