Flat Head and Other Things

I go back to work in 22 days.  That seems totally absurd to me since the baby is nowhere near where I thought he would be by now.  We’re still battling reflux and he’s not sleeping through the night yet.  There are still some really bad nights (I got up 5 times last night!).  I am really afraid for how it’s going to go once I need to get everyone ready in the morning, including myself, and then be fully functional at work all day while still managing baby appointments and other stuff.  On top of the reflux, he’ll be may be starting baby PT soon so that he can turn his head to the right.  I guess these things don’t just naturally happen on their own for all babies.  Our baby also has a flat head, which is not uncommon at all, but it means yet another doctor’s visit – specifically to the “flat head doctors”. OMG.
All those books make it seem so easy.  Oh, just put your baby on a schedule: nap every 2 hours, eat every 3 hours, etc.  My baby fights naps, hardly ever takes long ones, and eats every 2 hours.  I certainly try to put him down for regular naps, but he’s completely random on when his eyes will actually close.  I tried putting him down for the night earlier because everyone said that babies should go to bed at like 7-8pm, but then it would just take me 3 hours to get him down because he wouldn’t go to bed until somewhere around 9-11pm.  My life revolves around his sleeping and eating habits, and ranges from frustrating to crazy town.  None of these books mention flat head by the way…
I’ve heard from people that breast feeding makes you feel like a prisoner to your baby.  I actually don’t feel that way, and at 9 weeks I would even say that it’s going well (it wasn’t always easy though).  I do need to feed him every 2ish hours, which would be a lot better if he could do 3 hours instead, but it’s not that bad.  I pump one side every morning and feed him on the other side (alternating each time) – most people don’t do it this way, but I have my reasons.  It’s an easy way to ensure a good full pump.  Then I save a bottle to feed him later in the fridge, and freeze another portion for daycare or whatever.  He’s still not great at taking the bottle, he really has to be pretty hungry to drink it up.  Maybe the only major downside to breast feeding at this point is that my left side is like a C and my right side is clearly a D.  I have no idea how that happened, and yes the right side also produces 2x as much as the left side.  I don’t even know!

Since returning to work is right around the corner, I started working out last week.  My goal is to do something every other day, and since last Monday I’ve been able to stick to it.  So far I’ve had 5 really good workouts…. good as in, really painful because I’m horribly out of shape.  I did an outside run on Saturday with my dog, and the next day I was super effing sore.  I forgot how much different it is running outside than on the treadmill.  The dog was nice and tuckered out after so I’m going to try and do this every weekend for us.  So far I’ve lost 28.2 pounds with little effort, but that leaves 14.8 left to go.  I realize that’s like a ton of weight all around, imagine being a 5’2″ me walking around with that.  I’d like to see that 14.8 to get under 10 by the time I go back to work, only so some of my work clothing actually fits and I have more options.  I should probably get some Spanx… do those work well if I just need to trim like an inch to get pants to button or whatever?  I mean I have way more than an inch now but I’m not looking for a miracle.  Shape wear suggestions are welcome!

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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