2 Months!

This was perhaps the worst week yet with baby.  He has bad reflux, and we tried Zantac which seemed to help just a bit but now we moved on to Prilosec hoping for better results.  While waiting for it to really kick in things have been beyond difficult.  There is puke on everything in this house right now, it’s just relentless.  Reflux is really hard to deal with because it happens all day long and all night long, which means the baby doesn’t sleep well since he’s constantly being woken up by acid coming back up – and don’t even think about laying him flat on his back at night.  He has to sleep elevated.  One night this week I was up with him every 45 minutes.  The next night I was up from 1am-5am just holding him upright so he could sleep.  It really bothers him too, when it’s bad, he will just scream out in pain and cry.  Abe was traveling so it was just very hard, I might have cried as much as the baby did.  

The new medicine seems to be starting to help, and I’m praying for a better weekend because I’ve reached the end of my rope between the reflux and the colic and the stupid dog.  We have a night time baby nurse coming a few days next week so that I can actually get some sleep at night.  She will tend to the baby when he wakes up, and soothe him back down so that I can go back to bed and feed him when needed.  I’ve heard people swear by this kind of service, and it may seem stupid or indulgent but to us it’s going to save me from falling to pieces.  She will also be able to give us some baby sleep tips, which will be valuable.   
Other than the reflux, not much else is happening around here – except that Little Bear turned 2 months old today!  He still has that full head of hair – looks like it’s here to stay.
Out take!
At 2 months he already seems to have a lot more personality than he did at 1 month.  The little baby noises he makes are so funny too, my favorite is when he wails “heeeeeeelp meeeeee!”  and with my mom he likes say “Hi!” and “Hello!”  I mean they’re not really words or whatever, but they just sound like words.  I think he’s going to have a funny little voice.
His favorite time of day seems to be bath time.  He cries and screams a lot, but never in the bath!  I think he’s going to do really well in baby swim classes.  His least favorite time of the day is anytime he’s tired…which is 1:30pm – 9pm, yes all afternoon and evening long.  He fusses and falls asleep for 10-15 min. cat naps and then fusses and cries and squirms again over and over.  Back when he was like 3 weeks old, he used to sleep all afternoon and I could get in a nap but gone are those days.  Now I have to bounce him around while he screams in my face for hours and hours.  I’m thinking this will stop soon right?  He’s a fuss machine, but he really is very cute.  We do errands in the morning to avoid his bad time of day, and he will usually just sleep in the stroller or take a good look around.  Everyone comments on his hair.  Like nobody has ever seen a baby with so much of it before.  I brush it after he takes his bath…
Here’s to hoping 3 months is better!

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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