Heave Ho

The baby is out of our bedroom.  Hallelujah!

I resisted this for weeks because he was having such a hard time during the 3-5am hours so it would just have made my life harder to have to run into his room nonstop during those times.  He is still having a hard time during those god forsaken hours, but I just really Really wanted my bedroom back.  I totally suggest that a newborn stay in the bedroom for a couple weeks while he’s feeding around the clock and a heavy sleeper, after that phase is over then it’s time to go in my opinion.  Sometimes, Mom gives the baby the heave ho at 2am… whatever, it was overdue.
He had completely taken over.  We moved furniture to get his co-sleeper in there, my dresser was turned into a changing table, Abe had to tiptoe around in the morning getting ready for work, we could never watch tv up there in the evening if he was sleeping because well… he was sleeping, he’s super sensitive to noise so I’d have to inch myself in and out of bed and any movement could potentially wake him up even with the white noise machine, I had to sleep with a white noise machine, the baby makes a lot of noise when he’s sleeping and it’s annoying, and I just felt like my bedroom used to be a relaxing nice place to be and now it felt like a prison with all these restrictions.  I mean, I was in the bathroom fearing that my electric toothbrush was going to wake him.  Don’t let this happen to you.  Don’t let your baby overstay his welcome in your bedroom.  There will always be a reason to not move him out.
His first partial night in his crib didn’t go all that well, but the reason I kicked him out at 2am was because it wasn’t going well to begin with so it was just continuing on the same note.  We have a video monitor, so I could watch and hear him (along with his stupid white noise machine).  Last night was the worst night of the week, so I have hopes that tonight will be better.  I don’t think he even noticed that I wasn’t sleeping right next to him anymore, all he knew was that he wasn’t sleeping well. Let’s hope the next few days start to go better, because I’m not moving all his stuff back into the bedroom!

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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