Being home with a baby at 7 weeks old

There seems to be 2 good days in the week, and the rest range from pretty Ok to really bad.

The good days are when he takes naps when he needs them (1 or 2 short ones in the morning, 1 or 2 longer ones in the afternoon), has fun interacting, doesn’t cry too much, goes down to bed at night without too much of a fight, sleeps in one long 3-4 hour increment and then 2 hour increments after that, and then easily goes back to sleep after nursing.  It also means that I get to shower and take a nice 30 minute nap in the afternoon to refresh myself.  These are the days when I think: “I have the cutest baby ever”.

The bad days are when he doesn’t take any naps or takes only a few 10 minute snoozes here and there which lead to him becoming overtired and angry.  Often it’s his stomach discomfort that won’t let him continue to sleep, he will wake up with a scream or a grunting and groaning and then squirm around until he’s fully awake ruining the nap.  On a day like this, he refuses to let me put him down and I can keep him mostly calm if I continue to walk around but is constantly on the brink of a full on meltdown.  This means that I don’t get to eat very much, or sit down, he wants me to stand and walk around for the entire day.  I will try anything and everything to try and get him to nap: the vent fan, the glider, the swing, the other swing, swaddling, the boppy, nursing constantly, a bath, the vent fan, ocean white noise, complete and total silence, his cosleeper, his napper, my chest as a bed, lots of interaction to try and tire him out, etc.  Then at night, it can take him 2 hours to go down for the night only to wake 1.5 or 2 hours later.  The 1.5/2 hour cycle is really painful.  These are the days that make me think: “one child is plenty”… and also “damn life is hard”.

Most days fall right in the middle where he may nap well during the day, and then be a nightmare at night or vice versa.  So much of how I feel and how he acts revolves around his sleeping and his bowel movements.

Now that we’re out and about for short periods of time (2 hours max as of now so I don’t need to find a place to feed him), he is able to nap in the car and in the stroller.  I’m still fearful of taking him to a restaurant because he really likes to be in motion.  When I stop moving he sometimes becomes very alert and starts to squirm, although it’s not always bad squirming – usually it’s his grunting and arching of the back when he’s uncomfortable.  This always attracts onlookers!

My hopes for him at 9 or 10 weeks old are:

  • Digestive discomforts are gone or significantly subsiding.  
  • He either sleeps through the night or only wakes once for a feeding in his own room.
  • Have a loose napping schedule.
  • Feeding every 3 hours instead of every 2 hours.
  • Starts sleeping with his head tilted to the right more often to even out his flattening head.

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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