Losing It

I am one of those parents that swears she has the cutest baby on the planet.  I truly feel like there are just days when he needs a modeling agent.  Today, I kind of feel like he needs a full time nanny and a bath every 3 hours!  I think he’s quite pleased with himself today at how much he has grossed me out and done disgusting things.  You almost get used to it all…

In an effort to lose my remaining baby weight (19.6 lbs. as of today), I’ve been trying to overhaul my diet.  There wasn’t really anything wrong with the way that I was eating before, but it could have been more nutritious and less carb filled.  This week’s meals have been largely the same.

Smoothie – light vanilla soy milk, 0% Fage Greek yogurt, 1 banana, and frozen blueberries
Hard boiled egg
Decaf coffee with soy milk and sugar

Bread less turkey sandwich – deli turkey breast, cheddar cheese, and plain hummus
Kashi Go Lean Roll (12g protein!) sometimes this is an afternoon snack instead
I know my lunch is lacking vegetables…

Naked Green Juice or Kashi Bar

Dinner (sorry no pic!):
Chicken marinated in homemade teriyaki sauce with salad or broccoli

Peanut M&Ms or mini peanut butter cups.  I can’t eliminate sweets just yet, I would just die.

I think that this is a decent start, I’m already feeling less bogged down and bloated.  It’s just so easy to throw a meal together that’s pasta based or rice-centric, but that has to stop because it’s not helping anyone over here.  One of my favorite meals is spaghetti and meatballs so I’ll be letting that slide in once in a while, plus I have a bunch of meatballs in the freezer that need to be eaten!

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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