6 Weeks

Two amazing things happened this morning over here.
First, Little Bear has learned to smile at 6 weeks old.  He always sort of grinned here or there, but now it’s the real deal.  He was in an unusually good mood this morning.  I’m not sure why because he was up half the night fussing like a lunatic.  I am very tired today!  He must think it’s funny.
Second, during tummy time this morning he rolled over from his stomach to his back – twice.  This is listed as a 4 month milestone, but I guess he’s just stronger than the average baby.  He couldn’t go from back to stomach though, he just laid there!  Maybe he was just feeling lazy because I’m pretty sure that he could do it if he wanted to since he typically wakes up from sleep on his side anyhow.  It was pretty amazing all around, I tried to get a video of it but he was only in the mood to do it twice.  

After those milestones this morning, I decided to be brave and venture out of the house with him and his stroller to Target and the mall to walk around a bit.  I had a brief battle with the stroller in the parking lot – why are they so complicated!, but thank God that you can google anything on the go!  In Target I grabbed some diaper rash cream and the other brand of diapers to compare them to what we’re using.  He  didn’t really enjoy our time in Target, but when I got him into the mall walking around he fell right asleep.  I will forever live in fear that my baby is going to have a meltdown in public and I won’t know what to do, but today he was great.

I am crossing my fingers that tonight won’t be another super painful period of wakefulness.  Every single day I pray that night won’t come…

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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