6 Week Miracle

Last night was a miracle.  Little Bear slept from 11pm – 2:45am, ate and went back down from 3am-4:30am, ate, was changed a few times, and went back down again from 5:15am – 7:15am.  That’s like 6 hours of sleep for him and ME!

I had the feeling that last night might be different because his late afternoon and evening napping stopped around 7:30pm which was perfect.  That meant he was up and fussy from 7:30pm-10pm and got tired enough that he went down pretty easily for the night.  Luckily for everyone he started his napping much earlier in the afternoon yesterday, which led to it ending earlier too.  Also, I have a new secret weapon: the sleep sheep.  I don’t use the full sheep, I just take the sound part out of the back so it’s really portable.  If I need to walk him to sleep, I put the sound thing in my pocket set to ocean and crank it up really loudly – much much louder than you would imagine a baby would want it to be.  I make sure the sound is still going once he’s in his cosleeper.  I just put it on the edge of the bed so it’s within reach but still really close to him.  It’s set to turn off after 45 minutes, so I heard him stir a few times without the sound on and I just pressed the button – in less than 5 minutes he would stop stirring and fall asleep instead of full blown waking up.

I am sure that I could have done all these things a week ago and he wouldn’t have reacted this way.  Yesterday was just perfect.  He was a good baby all day, napped just right, and then wanted to sleep when everyone else in the world wants to sleep.  Even if this was just a one off kind of night, I’ll take it.  I’ve never felt so rested before in my life.

To make things even better, he got up shrieking bloody murder (not really the nicest way to start things off) – then he ate, threw up an amazing amount of fluid all over his baby gym and himself, got a bath, and then fell asleep for a real nap (like not just a little 10 minute thing) in his new swing.  He’s so much happier when he gets a morning nap in.

Other miracles are happening today.  I’m wearing a pair of like real person jeans.  Sure they are much bigger than my old jeans, but they aren’t maternity either.  I picked them up at Old Navy after seeing all their commercials and marketing around how they have jeans for everyone.  Verdict: yes, they in fact have jeans for everyone.  I can never find pants that fit me right and it was really easy there (also they were only $29!)  I just got sick of wearing maternity leggings every single day.

I also had my 6 week post delivery appointment with my doctor this morning.  I’m totally still in healing mode right now and actually will need an additional 4 weeks+, but I got the green begin to lightly exercise.  I gained a lot of weight during pregnancy, more than I ever imagined my frame could handle but this weekend I realized that I am already halfway back to my pre-pregnancy weight and without doing anything at all.  This week, I started to cut back on carbs a bit (not all just some), eat healthier, and hopefully I can start walking and then run/walking on the treadmill.  I am curious to see how my body reacts to this!

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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