Time To Get Out

I’ve been up since like 1:15am, and it’s super painful however I think that the lady at Starbucks gave me a regular vanilla latte instead of a decaf and suddenly the world is a little brighter!  Maybe this is just some kind of mental trick though, it might have been decaf…

We went on a field trip today to CVS, the post office, and Starbucks.  Little Bear was an angel the whole time – not one objection for the whole hour that we were out.  I had such a fear that he was going to be awful in public, but he really seemed curious by all the new sights and sounds.  We walked into Starbucks and he was awake and by the time that I got my drink he was dead asleep so I sat down to see if I could get a brief nap out of him and 15 minutes later he was still sleeping.  It had to be the loudest shop I’ve ever been to – furniture was being dragged across the floor, there were like 20 people there, 6 baristas were working shouting stuff, coffee grinders and blenders were going, things were beeping and ringing, etc.  He even slept through me putting him back into the car and heading home.  It wasn’t until I opened the back door of the car to bring him into the house that he woke up.  It was truly amazing.

Starbucks is so relaxing.
The post office is so stimulating.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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One Response to Time To Get Out

  1. Katie says:

    Harrison is so freaking CUTE! Hopefully braving the world and stepping out a little bit will give you sanity and the little one sleep!

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