Is there something weird about this photo?  Only very special children nap in the kitchen (don’t judge our 90s cabinetry, we hate it, it burns holes in our eyeballs)…

My friend mentioned that she knows a couple that turns on their exhaust fan to get their baby to fall asleep, so I thought that I’d give it a try.  I could get him to fall asleep while holding him near it and sort of bouncing around, but he never got into a deep enough sleep so I could easily transfer him to his napper in the other room.  Solution: put the napper next to the fan.  I’m not sure that this will work all the time, he happened to be just enough tired and ready for a nap to begin with.  He seemed to stir less with the loud white noise though.  I’m willing to try anything once.

After yesterday’s baby ergo napping success, he totally rejected it today.  I walked around trying to eat deli turkey and cheese, and not only was he not having it but I kept dropping the cheese on the floor.  It’s not easy to bend down to pick stuff up while wearing that thing, in fact it’s not easy to do anything at all but stand around.  I have no idea what people are doing when they say that wearing their baby is great because they can get so much done around the house.  Like what are you doing?  There were lots of things that I wanted to do but couldn’t do any of it: fold the laundry…but it was in the dryer and I couldn’t bend down to get it out, load the dishwasher… it was way too noisy, tidying up… just too much bending over and noise in general.

This morning I was able to pick up a new swing via Craigslist for the baby.  Our current swing is just a bad fit for him, he bends all funny in it and looks very uncomfortable.  The new swing is much better shaped and swings side to side or up and down.  I just didn’t want to pay full price for something that we already had 1 of, if that makes sense.  The swing was $40 but retailed for $160 and it was only 10 minutes away so it was well worth it even if he doesn’t love it.  It’s the same brand as the napper that he likes so much and the same shape so it Should be a win/win.

Pretty much everything that I’m doing right now involves getting the baby to sleep better, so in turn, I can sleep better!

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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