10 Pounder

I can’t believe how big Little Bear is getting.  He’s over 10 pounds now, and I can really feel it when I’m carrying him around.  A few pounds makes a big difference!  When I look at him now, I think to myself: he’s Chubby Bear now.

We’re still working really hard on his sleeping – trying to get more naps during the day and just trying to sleep at night, a schedule doesn’t always seem to stick.  I’ve tried everything.  I know that most babies like one certain technique vs. others, and it figures that mine likes the most annoying one: holding him and pacing around while shusshing continuously right in his face.  He only sometimes likes the swing, white noise helps, the glider hasn’t worked even once yet, the carrier will work but taking him out wakes him up defeating the whole purpose, etc.  When he gets overtired then it’s just like total meltdown and getting him back into a decently calm state can take a long frustrating time.  Sometimes by the time I get him down for a nap, it’s been far longer than the nap itself.  Can’t I just let him sleep when he’s feels like it or is tired?  If you are wondering that, then you don’t have a child and I kind of want to punch you in the face.  Everyday is different and sometimes 1 thing works, and then won’t work again the next day.  This website has been pretty useful during our sleep journey: Troublesome Tots

Another challenge that we’re working on right now is for the baby to take the bottle.  He will take it Sometimes but not all the time, which is the tricky part.  I need to be able to leave the house without him sometimes and leave a bottle or two behind for someone to give him.  This has not really worked out very well yet.  I’ve been pumping and building up a collection, so that’s going Ok on my end.  It could be the bottle, it could be the fact that it is a bottle, I’m not sure yet.  I talked to a lactation specialist a couple days ago and she said that right now I should be pumping 1 bottle per day and giving it to him so he will get used to it – since I will eventually be returning to work and he will be taking a bottle 3 x a day at daycare.  I can’t imagine producing that much to send to school with him, but that’s another issue entirely!

Today, I’m venturing out on an errand and leaving the baby behind with my mom.  Hopefully in that 1 hour she will be able to feed him and put him down for a nap – Or she will experience what the fuss is all about over here!

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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